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name: ashley
age: 16 on sunday
location: colorado springs, colorado
sex: female

favourites; tell us why:
favourite food: french fries. i guess i like french fries so much because my mom ate potatoes &different things made out of potatoes while she was pregnant with me.
favourite band: no doubt is my all-time favorite. i am a fan of their older stuff (tragic kingdom, beacon street) rather than their newer stuff (rock steady). other than no doubt my music varies and i am open to listen to any kind of music.
favourite film: i don't really have a favorite but if i had to pick it would be the virgin suicides or any johnny depp movie.

your opinion on; please elaborate and try and give alot of detail in your answer :
abortion: i think abortion is okay if the person has gotten raped. i think you should only be allowed to one abortion. i think abortion is wrong if people think they can keep getting them when they get pregnant when they don't want to be. people know or should know that if you don't want to get pregnant you should use protection or be abstinent.
politics: politics is something i don't know a lot about but want to know more about. my dad was in vietnam so i guess his views towards politics effect mine. i'm a republican and i like bush. although, i think some of the things he has done are wrong.
drugs: i am for prescribed drug use from doctors, psychiatrists, ect.
teen pregnancies: i think it's their decision. if the teen wants a baby and is willing to take care of it and raise it then go ahead and have a baby. teens should know the mistakes in having un-protected sex if they don't want a baby. again, people should know, ecspecially teens, that if you don't want to get pregnant use protection or be abstinent.
religion: religion isn't a big thing to me. i think as long as you believe in something then you're fine. i believe in God and heaven, i just don't go to church. i think that religion can be taken out of hand sometimes and people shouldn't try to convert other people, only if all people are willing for it.
labels: labels are something that will always be there. i don't label myself as anything but some peole just fit into some.
child obesity: i think that child obesity is a sad thing. but i think that when people sue fast food companies it is rediculous. the child and the parents are the ones who decide to eat fast food, junk food, ect. they can try to loose weight or eat healthier.

where did you promote us to?: my journal;
is there anything you'd like to discuss at this community?: anything and everything.
why do you want to be a part of this community?: because i like to share and hear views and opinions.
please post at least one picture of yourself:

sorry, that's the only picture i could find where i look normal.
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