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name:  jenna
age:  18
location:  a 15-20 minute drive east of seattle
sex:  female

favourites; tell us why:
favourite food:  jamba juice.  it tastes so good, and is healthier than anything else i like!  it's irrisistable.  if we have to pick a "real" food, and not smoothies or whatever you want to call jamba... i'll say granola with dannon light n' creamy strawberry yougurt or my mom's bbq.
favourite band:  p.o.d.   the guitarist (marcos) from all their albums except the most recent, "payable on death", i think is one of the best of all time.  the talents mesh well together.  and the reason i really like it, is their music is so able to express the way i feel about a lot of things.  i admire their passion.
favourite film:  goodburger, beucase i have good laughs watching it.  and memories associated with it that i'm not going to be quick to forget!  i don't think it's the best movie ever.  it's just my favorite, if i have to pick one, beucase it's a fun time.

your opinion on; please elaborate and try and give a lot of detail in your answer :
abortion:  it is wrong.  hands down.  whatever the situation.  have faith, not many possibilities are ultimate.  it's not up to anyone to take away someone else's life.

politics:  don't be obnoxious, don't waste your vote.  get educated.  and whatever side you take, be educated.  educate yourself with facts, of both sides, in order to make a good choice.  about politics themselves, i don't think horrible or great of them, beucase, well, they exist, and we need to take our part, instead of talking about how great or stupid they are.  all in all, i find them interesting, and will probably minor in international relations with my BA.

drugs:  besides prescription?  i'm assuming this question implies bad usage, of drugs that aren't good.  don't do them.  don't be a user, there's no excuse.  no matter how good or satisfying they feel.  it's only temporary.  they destroy.  what positives that do come out don't win over the destruction of families, relationships, the important things.

teen pregnancies:  if she's responsible (and HE, a kid needs both parents if at all possible), it's fine.  if you can take care of your baby, it's cool.  but i think there's few things more important than a someone growing up with both parents.  if you can't provide your child both a father and a mother who will be there in their lives, don't get pregnant.

religion:  i believe religion is man's way of trying to reach God.  i believe in faith, not religion.  i believe in relationships.  faith is about God and His relationship with you, not about your "religion."  

labels:  whatever.  i have no solid opinion.  i think they're just for organization purposes.  i don't see harm in them.  if it makes it easier for some people to label everything, that's fine.

child obesity:  that's something that can be prevented.  don't you want to do everything to insure your child's saftey?  then ensure their health.  find them something active they enjoy from the start, so they can make a habit out of it.  start healthy eating habits and a non-sedentary lifestyle from the beginning.

where did you promote us to?:  in my latest journal entry.  i can unfriend it if it needs to be seen.
is there anything you'd like to discuss at this community?:  views on God
why do you want to be a part of this community?:  beucase i like to hear how, and why, people think what they think.  and i like to share my beliefs somewhere that has some sort of organization.
please post at least one picture of yourself:  i don't have a photohost that works (i have used shutterfly in the past, but it hasn't worked in 2 months or so), so if someone wants to tell me where i could upload one, i'll do that!


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