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name: Amanda
age: 15
location: Cincinnati, Ohio
sex: Female

favourites; tell us why:
favourite food: Chocolate because I love the way it tastes and I could eat it all the time. There are many different varities of choclate and multiple things you can eat with choclate, so I love how it's pretty much delicious with anything.
favourite band: The Jackson 5 because my Dad listened to them while I was a kid and I've just listened to them my whole life. Most of their songs are upbeat and happy and it's a good break from all of my "emo" music to listen to The J5 once in a while. Another band that would be in a "tie" for first place is Something Corporate. I love the lyrics and the instruments and the voice... to me everything about them is wonderful.
favourite film: The Goonies because, again, I watched it all the time growing up. It has that fun type of adventure movie and I think it's halarious. Everything about it makes me smile and not to mention I love to see Sean Astin as a 14 year old.

your opinion on; please elaborate and try and give alot of detail in your answer :
abortion: I believe that if you want an abortion you have every right to have one. I don't believe that having an abortion is the killing of a "baby" because it's still a fetus and barely a living creature. It's not irresponsible to have sexual relations out of wed-lock or before you're ready for a baby because intercourse can be a beautiful and wonderful thing. If you're pregnant and young, you have a future to look at - and a baby might possibly not be in your immediate future. It's your body and you have all the rights in the world to do what you please to it. If you become pregnant and you do not want a baby, by all means have an abortion. But I think that you would think of all possiblities first, such as keeping the baby as well.
politics: Politics is one of those touchy subjects that when I get started on it I do not stop for anything. There are so many things to be said that I cannot chose a certain example. But when I hear the word "politics" I think of the presidential election and the candidates views. I'm a Bush supporter myself, but I do not believe everything he is for. I find it stupid for some people to think that since I support Bush I support everything he's for. Right now I'm researching more about the Green Party because I think that's where I would find myself more comfertable, rather than being a Republican.
drugs: Legal drugs are helpful for the purpose of the relief of pain, physical or mental. Advil, Tylenol, and other legal, over-the-counter drugs are available for that sole purpose - to help aches and pain. But illegal drugs such as marijuana and cocaine are there for the high you get and the enjoyment it brings. I know that some people take marijuana to get their "minds of things", but it's illegal and I believe a stupid thing to do. You can die or cause a great deal of harm to yourself and others around you. I don't see that there's a reason to have something that only causes negative effects, and I don't agree with using drugs at all.
teen pregnancies: I might sound like a hypocrite when I talk about this, because of my answer for abortion but I don't think that 14, 15, and 16 year olds should be having sex at this age. It's against my religion but that's not the only reason why I don't agree with it. I believe that sexual intercourse should be saved for that special person that you are married to, so you can "save yourself" for him/her. But if a teen decides to have sex I think they should take every precaution to prevent becoming pregnant. However, if they become pregnant I think they should choose wether to keep or not keep the baby, for their own reasons. I'm not one to sit here and scold every pregnant teen and say that what they did was wrong, but I don't agree with having sex before you're married and so I don't agree with teen pregnancy.
religion: I am a Christian and proud to say it. I'm not ignorant of other religions and I'm accepting to all of them. I do think religion is taken too seriously sometimes though, and inapropriately talked about at times. Such as President Bush. He shouldn't mix his religion and his politics. It's against our countries laws to say something like, "It's against Christians for a gay marriage," because what about the other religions? I don't not befriend a person becasuse they are Jewish or Islamic or some other religion. I try to be open to all and be welcoming to everyone. Religion should however, play a role in your life and help you be the person you are. I think that religion is something that should be kept to yourself and not publicly speak about it. For me it's a touchy subject when I hear prejudice comments about Christians and so I think that everyone shouldn't speak about religion openly like that. It's usually offensive to others and religion is not taken lightly. (Wow, excuse me if that wasn't understandable and if I went all over the place with that one).
labels: No matter what we do there will always be labels and somebody to label you. I try not to label people but I do and it's something that I can't help all the time. Whenever I see a person wearing all black with chains and a sulky look on their face, I think "goth" right away. Whenever I see some girl wearing all Abercrombie holding hands with some football star, I think "prep" or "cheerleader." These are immediate reactions that I can't stop because I'm so used to people labeling others and singling them out. Labels don't always have to be a bad thing. It could be positive and it means you're a part of something. If somebody walked up to me and called me a "jock" because I usually wear athletic shorts and talk about soccer games then I wouldn't feel angry. I'd think, "okay, they think that I play sports a lot and that I'm an active person." Then cool, that's fine. I try to be positive and think on the brighter side. But I think it's highly offensive if somebody walked up to a person and called them a "creepy druggy" (or something) just because of the clothes they wear or the way they look. Maybe labeling can be okay if you keep it to yourself, but out loud it can be mean and hurtful.
child obesity: I don't blame a child for this disease - I blame genetics and the parents. If I was 5 years old and over-weight I would probably have nothing to do with it. My parents were the one who buy the food and control me at the age. Fortunately I do not have this problem, but most children do. It might possibly be genetics so they have slow metabolism or something, but mainly it's the parents. They control the diet and excerise of a child at that age, most children cannot help that. Parents buy the food they feed their kids, control the portions and how often their child eat, and also control how much time a child spends outside playing or inside watch TV. You're not going to be thin if you eat cookies and drink pop all day while watching cartoons on the couch. And you won't be over-weight if you eat healthy and go outside and play or do something active all the time. I believe the parents have this control over their child, and it's the parents that need to change their habits in hope for a better future for their child.

other: [this took me about an hour to type and think about, just for the record :)]
where did you promote us to?: My LJ, </a></b></a>12496!
is there anything you'd like to discuss at this community?: I mostly like discussing politics and heated issues (at the time).
why do you want to be a part of this community?: Because I'm a part of different Boards across the net that talk about these subjects, but I feel that they're all just a bunch of ignorant 12 year olds who have no clue what they're saying. I'd rather have more in-depth and mature debates with others and I feel that this would be the place to do just that.
please post at least one picture of yourself: I know I posted more than one, but I don't think that these pictures give my ugliness enough justice. Plus I wanted to show a fun side of me.. with the face paint. :)

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