her mind is tiffany twisted (__drone) wrote in brainstorm_,
her mind is tiffany twisted

mod update - important!

okay, we're changing the way we do things in the community.

industrialfilth said that: "perhaps if people started a topic for discussion in a seperate entry and then others could comment on that entry about how they feel on the subject. That way, if one doesn't have an opinion on the topic of the week there will still be posts/comments and the community will grow more."

krista and i both talked about this, and we decided that this would be a much better way to manage the community. this way, we can have a lot of different discussions at the same time, and if someone doesn't have an opinion on something, they don't feel obliged to comment on something they don't even feel strongly about etc. also, it means the members have more of a say in what we talk about here, instead of us posting topics and you having to discuss them.

hope you enjoy the new method, and thanks, industrialfilth.
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