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NEW (bie)

name: sallie
age: 13
location: toronto, canada
sex: female

favourites; tell us why:
favourite food: i adore italian food because i love how they put cheese on everything, and how similar it is to chinese food. (i'm chinese.) i also love japanese food because i like the chewyness of the raw fish (yes, sounds icky, doesn't it?) and most of the stuff is actually quite healthy!
favourite band: i would have to say coldplay. they have some really nice slow and quiet songs and i like that.
favourite film: hmm...gladiator. that was a truly amazing movie i though. made me cry at the end.

your opinion on; please elaborate and try and give alot of detail in your answer :
abortion: it really depends what the situation is. if it is a teenage girl who got pregnant from rape or something, then abortion should be allowed. but if it's like, a 37 year old mother who just doesn't want another child, and has perfectly good financial background to take care of another child...then abortion should not be supported.
politics: eh. i don't really know much about, GO NDP!
drugs: really against the street drugs- they cause so much trouble...but if for medical uses, it's okay i guess.
teen pregnancies:
religion: everyone should have their choice of religion. like, my family is buddist, but they don't care whether or not i am because it's really my choice of belief.
labels: we really don't need labels. they're really immature and tend to stereotype things. i hate stereotypes.
child obesity: i don't think that it's their fault really. i think that parents should control the amount of junk food going in their house and tell their kids to go excersize?

where did you promote us to?: my lj!
is there anything you'd like to discuss at this community?: the one child policy. i'm extremely passionate about that topic. hahaha...
why do you want to be a part of this community?: because i like to debate current issues, whether it's online or offline. and this is an awesome community, THAT'S WHY!
please post at least one picture of yourself:

um yeah. i'm ugly. =(
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