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hmm.. this is cool. I've never seen a community like this before.

name: Carla
age: 15
location: california
sex: female

favourites; tell us why:
favourite food: I would have to say ice cream cake. In all my life I have never ever gotten tired of eating ice cream cake because it comes in a bajillion combinations and flavors.
Plus icecream AND cake TOGETHER is just the ultimate food.
favourite band: I really can't say. I know this is a crap answer but I really can't. I would only be able to answer this if I had heard every single band ever and people all of a sudden stopped forming bands because I will always discover a band I love.
Maybe if all the good bands formed one giant super-awesome band..
favourite film: I guess Mulan. Its the only movie I watch constantly without getting bored of it.
One summer I would watch it everyday after lunch.

your opinion on; please elaborate and try and give alot of detail in your answer : (totally jacked some of these from my other application)
abortion: I was born and raised a Catholic. So.. I'm against this. All my life I've been taught that this is wrong. So I've never really had to option to be anything but against this.
I respect the mother's choice but I really do feel that it's wrong to kill the not yet born. You end its life before it even had a chance.
politics: I don't follow up on much politics. I know thats bad but it just doesn't interest me.
drugs: Abusing is wrong. Using them for medicinal purposes is alright to me.
teen pregnancies: Mistakes are made. But if you're not ready to take the responsiblity then you are not ready to have sex.
religion: Your life, your choice of religion. Far be it for me to tell you what to believe and not to believe.
labels: I hate labels. Are people really so sure of themselves that they can go around labeling people? "Weirdo" "Freak". What makes you think you're not the weird one? Not the freak?
child obesity: Children need food let them eat. But don't let them eat a whole city. You know.. there's a place where you can draw the line.

where did you promote us to?: my icon journal icondoit
is there anything you'd like to discuss at this community?: just.. anything is fine with me. Just not trivial things like "who's better Rooney or The Stills?" or "Britney or Christina?" or something like that because.. yeah I think thats just stupid.
why do you want to be a part of this community?: I've never part of a community like this and I've never seen one like this. I think it should be interesting.
please post at least one picture of yourself: I don't see what this has to do with opinions and stuff but whatever..

Yeah. ew. I know.
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