Alix (pixiekitten) wrote in brainstorm_,


name: Alix; and no, it isn't short for anything.
age: 21
location: Santa Barbara, CA
sex: F

favourites; tell us why:
favourite food: It's so hard. there are so many different kinds of foods with so many different flavors and textures that it's almost impossible for me to choose just one.
favourite band:again, same problem. though right now I'm listening to a lot of apocalyptica and Clem Snide
favourite film: wow, what's with the tough questions? =) at the moment, Boondock Saints

your opinion on; please elaborate and try and give alot of detail in your answer :
abortion: choice is the key. I don't think it's a good idea; there are so many stresses and medical complications, but i definitely believe in an individual's right to choose. I don't want one, so I'm not getting one, but there are times when it's really the only viable option, unless you want to raise your own brother, or the child of your rapist. Not a method of birth control, but a medical option, like amputation.
politics: very in-the-middle. I support seat belt laws and the second ammendment; legalization of Marijuana and the abolishment of the the electoral college
drugs:depends on teh drug. heroin bad, methodone bad, speed bad, marijuana natural, peyote religious and psyclobin for those who feel they need it.
teen pregnancies: sad, but a lot of girls actually are making good mothers, strangely enough.
religion: very open minded. I'm Maranathan myself, but I was raised Sufi and have read the torah, the bible, the Koran and Buckland's Big Blue Book that fits on NO SHELF EVER.
labels: People label other people to avoid labeling themselves, which is the only ulitmate result.
child obesity: SUCKS! i used to be "the fat kid" and now that I'm just kind of normal, I wish someone had smacked me upside the head and made me walk to school or something.

where did you promote us to?: I just got my invitation, though I'll probably link from my journal and my other communities.
is there anything you'd like to discuss at this community?: kinetic energy is alwasy my favorite
why do you want to be a part of this community?: because no one listens when i rant, and i think ranting is a good way of expressing yourself, ESPECIALLY when other people get in and make you really THINK about what you're saying.
please post at least one picture of yourself: My photobucket journal name is PIXYNEKO, but here's a relatively recent one. hair's about six inches shorter, bobbed.
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