July 5th, 2004

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what are your opinions on abortion?

yes, it's a very commonly discussed subject but it's also a subject that most people have an opinion on or feel strongly about.

personally, i think abortion is wrong, no matter what the circumstances are. i was born and raised as a Catholic, and it's against the catholic religion. so i've always thought it wrong. but recently i have been thinking more about it, and trying to picture myself in a situation where abortion is an option. but i still stand by the fact that it's wrong. no matter how small the fetus is, it is still a living thing. i think it's ridiculous to say that it doesn't matter because it's not alive. if you believe it's not alive, then tell me this: at what stage does the fetus become a human? if you're for abortion, then do you think it's okay to have an abortion at any stage in a pregnancy?
even if the mother could not support the baby for any reason, there is always adoption. many parents cannot have children, and adoption is an opportunity to give them that chance, and to prevent abortion.
some people are pro-choice, but believe it's not okay to use abortion as a birth control. this isn't logical. what's the difference in using it as a birth control several times, than using it as a way to stop a birth one time?

whatever the case, everybody has different opinions on abortion. what do you think?

also, can members please vote here? thanks.