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boywonder_'s Journal

Boy Wonder: A Justin Community
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community for fans of the character Justin Taylor (played by Randy Harrison) on Showtime’s series Queer as Folk.


Feel free to post anything that has to do with Justin. This includes fics, pictures, icons, fan art, vids, links, news about the show, episode discussions and/or recaps, random outbursts of love, deep and meaningful character analysis, and anything else you can think of ;)

As stated above, you are permitted to post fan fiction in this community. Fics may be about any pairing, but they have to be Justin-centric. Also, please indicate the pairing, rating and any other warnings that apply before the fic.

Discussion of Randy is allowed and encouraged, but only if it pertains to his portrayal of Justin. randyharrison is a great community (so go join it) for posting any and all Randy news and information, so lets try to keep this one mainly about his work on Queer as Folk.

Please put all discussion of S5 under a lj-cut.

When posting pictures or long articles, please use the lj-cut as well. It’s your friend, seriously.

I know this is redundant, but play nice. We’re here to share the Justin!love, not to bicker.

If you have any questions or comments please contact stellarlee