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Time Traveller and Napoleon

Hello! I am math teacher  and ,actually I am writing books that help me to share my teachings: math + art + Science and history

It is a way to demystify those subjects
Mathematics is always present in the solution of enigmas, tactics and decision making in epic battles and during the investigation of a mystery.
I d like to invite you to read some page:

CAIUS ZIP, The Time Traveller, IN:
How some mathematical calculations can be crucial
for taking strategic decisions in this battle of empires


After the story, in a very original manner, Napoleon tells us his memories of that time.




Welcome to our book club! This community was the brainchild of myself and my friend Wendy because we longed for a place to discuss books openly, and since we're both LJ addicts to begin with....this was a good idea. :) We're thinking that we can have a book assigned every month and then either set up intermittent discussion points (once weekly, etc.) or wait until the end of the month to discuss the book. I'll put up a poll in a few days when we get the membership up a bit more to get some ideas as to how we should do that. Also, we have choices on how to choose the books we read. We can either vote on a list of books every month or we can set up a calendar and give each member a chance to select a book for the entire group to read. Once again, we'll get a poll going on that so we can figure out the best way to handle it. I'm so excited to have this group started! It's going to be so much fun. I have been looking for a book club for quite a while! :-D
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