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Book Lovers' Club

A place for us to discuss books that we choose and love

Book Lovers
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Welcome to the book lovers community! This group is maintained by wendica and mshelbyfsu. Right now we are a small group of people that just love books and want to share our appreciation for them with others. Please leave any books you think may be interesting to read as part of the group on this post: Book Suggestion List.

This community will be choosing 1 book a month to read. The books can be of any genre and of any length, but we ask that members be mindful of the various backgrounds that others may hold in making these decisions.

The book of the month for September is The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I am currently in the process of searching for some book club questions, so if anyone has any questions or thoughts of interest, please feel free to post them! This month we'll probably rely on members' musings instead of guided questions. :)