Michelle (mshelbyfsu) wrote in book_lovers_,

The Great Gatsby, Chapter 1

Alright, I'll be the first to admit that I've let work, karate, etc., interfere with my desire to read. I have only read through Chapter 1 of TGG, and it's killing me! This book is absolutely amazing, and the obvious truth behind the satire completely blows me away...

I was thinking about the conflict that Daisy faces... does she leave her obviously cheating husband? Does she put on a happy face and pretend that the problems in her marriage and in her life don't exist? What allows her to go on when she's in such obvious pain? I think the answer is this... her life is so focused on status. She lives a life of clubs, of social events, of happiness based on what she has outside herself, not what she has inside. She chooses to continue this life in Chapter 1 because it is simple... it is what she knows, and she deals with it to keep what she considers to be her happiness on track. Those are my initial thoughts, at least

I'm going to try to read a bit more tonight, at least get through Chapter 2. :) I did a bunch of research to see if I could find some discussion questions, but I couldn't find any!

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