Wendy (wendica) wrote in book_lovers_,

The Good Earth, movie version

> Due to my sickness this week, I forgot to post my review of the 1937 movie version of The Good Earth. It was decent. It was actually quite impressive for a 1937 movie! There were two major changes that were quite noticeable. For one, O-lan was quite beautiful. She was more shy than ugly in the movie version. The ending was greatly changed. It stopped after O-lan died. Right before she passed away, Wang Lung (whose name sounds like Wong Lung, I'd been pronouncing it wrong in my head) put the pearls he took from her back in her hand. And it was evident that he really loved her. But many of the scenes were surprisingly right out of the book.

EDIT: I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to give anything away!!!!! Please forgive me if you haven't finished the book !!

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