I have never read TGG. Is it really good? I considered reading it next year in my AP English Lit. class, but I decided not to since another one of F. Scott Fitzgerald's stories left me with a bad impression. I know it's dumb to not read any more of an author's works because you didn't like one story, but it was boring and confusing. Someone please tell me TGG is GOOD because I really want to read it and have another back up in case one of the books I've chosen to read gets taken by someone else.

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Time Traveller and Napoleon

Hello! I am math teacher  and ,actually I am writing books that help me to share my teachings: math + art + Science and history

It is a way to demystify those subjects
Mathematics is always present in the solution of enigmas, tactics and decision making in epic battles and during the investigation of a mystery.
I d like to invite you to read some page:

CAIUS ZIP, The Time Traveller, IN:
How some mathematical calculations can be crucial
for taking strategic decisions in this battle of empires

After the story, in a very original manner, Napoleon tells us his memories of that time. 


Chronicles of Narnia

I bought the Chronicles of Narnia collection yesterday at Barnes and Noble. They had the entire series in one large book on sale for $15.00, so it was well worth the investment. I'm right now 22 pages into The Magicians Nephew and I am blown away. I read, as most of us did, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. I also read The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. But now that I'm really getting into the entire series, it's so amazing. I'm also learning a bit about the relationship between CS Lewis and JRR Tolkein. I always realized that their writings were very similar, but I never knew that they were friends. The similarities between Middle Earth and Narnia...fascinating, really.

Anyway, I'm sorry that our little community has gone a bit dead. We're all so busy, and trying to find one book to read a month when all of us have so many commitments is very difficult. How about, for now, each of us discuss what we are reading and if anyone else has anything to say about it, we can discuss it? I think that'll help to get us going and more active for now as we all get ready for life to take us wherever it's planning.

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Yes, we are terrible

As Michelle pointed out, we have been pretty lax these last couple months. A friend of mine loaned me some books that I've been wanting to read. I have "The Namesake" by Jhumpra Lahiri ( and "The Bonesetter's Daughter" by Amy Tan ( If anyone has read them, I'd love to hear your opinion, or if you want to read them with me. I'm going to start with "The Namesake".

Anyone read anything good lately they want to talk about? Great Gatsby or other?


It's amazing that now that the school year has started again for some of our members, and others are just swamped with work and other things, that posting about books seems like such a secondary thought. I stopped reading, which saddens me. I wish we could find a way to liven up our community again. I'd appreciate any suggestions. :)

The Great Gatsby, Chapter 1

Alright, I'll be the first to admit that I've let work, karate, etc., interfere with my desire to read. I have only read through Chapter 1 of TGG, and it's killing me! This book is absolutely amazing, and the obvious truth behind the satire completely blows me away...

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I'm going to try to read a bit more tonight, at least get through Chapter 2. :) I did a bunch of research to see if I could find some discussion questions, but I couldn't find any!
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Oh Great Gatsby, where art thou???!!!

Remind me never to get rid of any book ever again. I hoard them and then once every three or four years I go through them and either make a library donation or sell them on Amazon. When I worked at the library I received a beautiful hardcopy of The Great Gatsby. I just searched my book boxes and can't find it anywhere. I can almost remember putting it in the donation bag when we first moved here and were clearing out space. I hate that! Grrrrrr. Never again! I will keep all my books! Oh it hurts. It truly, truly hurts. I love my books.

Looks like I'll be back at Borders tomorrow. I really wish there was a used book store near here.

Some starting questions for The Great Gatsby

I came across these from I'm only picking out the ones that I personally am finding interesting. Feel free to do the same if you come across questions that you want answered!

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These are more essay topics, but they may spark more discussion! (Also from Sparknotes)

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Discussion Questions

I was trying to find some book club discussion questions for The Great Gatsby but I can't find any! I'm surprised that no book club (at least online) has done this book yet. I'll continue to search. Until then, I guess we can just post thoughts as we read?

I know I won't be getting the book until next weekend, as I am out of money until then and I want to make a trip to my favorite used book super store.