Teh Beauty and Teh Geek
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Teh Beauty and Teh Geek

If you do not like/approve of/condone slash (same sex pairings) turn and flee now. You will find nothing else here.

This is a community for fans of Orlando Bloom and Elijah Wood. Together. You can post pictures, photos, fictions, random news(not gossip please). Theres a lil bloomwood in everyone..join up!

Moderators: maidenvixen and sheselectric


...don't dis the community, its contents or the boys. It will be deleted and you will be blocked

...no flames. Full stop.

...keep the topic to Orlando and Elijah. If Domlijah tickles your fancy go here: domlijah, or if its Viggorli you want: viggorli. Just keep this communtiy to Orlando and Elijah

...when you post a fic be sure to post an appropraite rating (i.e PG-13, R, NC-17) and a disclaimer (for your own sake as well as ours and theirs.

...when posting a picture if its bigger than 150x150pix please put it behind a lj-cut tag. If you dont know how to use one of these go here: FAQ: Lj-cuts