Collective Writing! Yay... No?

Only rule is. You don't post twice in a row.
Have fun now!!!

He walked to the door and knocked twice...
The air around him felt cold. His teeth were griding, the blood in his veins was freezing.
There was a frightful calm in the night. The knocks on the door echoed like e dreadful scream trough-out the hallway.
- Come on. I need to talk to you, open up.


Randomness roxes!

Less see now.
Happy is nice?
How bout evilish?
Sounds better...
I aint no freakin' hater!
I just don't like some stuff and go break it.
You think you can take that?
Just stay outta my room!
You gots porn?
C'mon i wanna see porn!
Get out!
But i wanna!
Zip it and leave!
Little brat.
Yeah, yeah...
I got's a secret and wont tell ya.
Blah... who cares what you know?
Not me... thats for sure.
Anywho... G-night.
And stay OUTTA my room!
Good freakin' night.
Joy killer...


Lost Diary

Day still unknown: Too long... too cold... too lonely... It's getting really hard to go on. What happens when you lose hope? What happens when you cope with reality? When you reach the end of the rabbit hole? Does it just ends... or do you put up a final fight? Would i be weak if i don't put up a fight? Where's the freakin' exit? Where?!

My lighter is empty. My stomach growls. I need to get food, but there is nothing... Nothing, only the steel hard, trees that block out everything. Think happy thoughts... think happy thoughts...

Killer mood

Lost Diary

Day unknown: It's cold. An hour ago i threw in the last firewood i could find. It seems like the nights go on for weeks. I can't remember when was the list time i saw sunshine. I hear the wind whisper. It's hinting of murder. Sends shivers down my spine. There are no animals anymore. I must have wandered too deep. But i can't stop now... not when i'm so close. I can all-most see myself touching her. Sensing her sweet aroma. Tasting her again...
Time to gather some more wood.

Day unknown: I think i'm lost. Wandered too far from the fire and can't find the way back. It's like the forest is mooving. I know for sure i was leaving marks on the trees. Or was that a dream? I need to rest. Have to light another fire...

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