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I've been watching Blind Justice on Sleuth Channel's Friday night lineup of shows that got cancelled before their time. However, since I picked up in the middle of the series. I would like to download the other episodes. Alternatively, I would like to find a box set of the episodes, but I can't find one anywhere.

Can someone help me out?

Thanks, Squishijilly

Reminder - Frank Grillo (Marty Russo) "The Kill Point"

Frank Grillo has been starring in an eight hour limited series over Spike TV.  Today before the finale Spike TV is showing a marathon of all the episodes. 

Listing of the episodes (time listed is eastern so check your local listings):

3:00 pm Who's Afraid of Mr. Wolf
5:00 pm No Meringue
6:00 pm Pro Patria
7:00 pm Visiting Hours
8:00 pm The Great Ape Escape 
9:00 pm The Devil's Zoo
11:00 pm The Devil's Zoo-Encore


Frank Grillo (Det. Marty Russo)

Update on Frank Grillo (Det. Marty Russo)

Currently there is no release date.  Scenes have been recently reshot in New York.

Frank recently signed on to this movie starring Dennis Quaid.  Frank will be playing Dr. Jim Hewlette.  Filming begins sometime in April in Chicago. 

"The Kill Pit"
Limited 8 episode series for SPIKE TV.  Filming begins end of March in Pittsburg, PA and is scheduled to air sometime in the summer.  "The Kill Pit" is about a team of American Iraqi-War Veterans who rob a bank and hostages are taken.  Frank will be playing one of the Veterans, Pig.

"The Madness of Jane"
Pilot filmed for Lifetime TV.  If the Pilot receives a series order Frank will have a recurring role. "The Madness of Jane" is a one hour drama about a brilliant neurologist who learns she is bipolar and the impact the diagnosis has on her feckless sister. Frank has been cast as the psychiatrist, Dr. Oliver Cornbluth, who helps Jane with her bipolar disorder.

For more information on Frank head on over to:

Also, Frank recently appeared on an episode of "Las Vegas" and it is available for viewing on NBC's website.

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Blind Justice first aired here in the UK five weeks ago and I've loved it since I saw the first episode (first time I saw the trailer, actually; a few weeks before it aired - yeah, I was counting the days 'cause it looked good, and, well, Rena Sofer and Marisol Nichols were in it. What can I say?).

Anyway, I just joined this community & I'm hoping you can help me out. I spend most of my free time writing fanfiction & I'm trying to write a Blind Justice one - I have one of the episodes I need on tape (Up on a Roof) - but I don't have the other. I think it's the pilot, and the scene I need specifically is the one where Jim and Karen briefly discuss his infidelity, she mentions that the woman he had an affair with is her friend (?) - does anyone have this on tape or disc, and could you possibly note down the dialogue between the two? I need as many details about that as possible, and with any luck - rough dates. Also: how much time passed between The Shooting and Jim returning to work? Normally I'm pretty good with details like this, but it takes at least two viewings of the episode - and I've only seen the first three episodes once.
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Update on Frank Grillo (Marty Russo)

Frank will be guest starring Thursday night's episode of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation", episode name Happenstance.  Check your local listings for the time.  Here in the eastern time zone it will be 9:00 pm.

Also, if anyone would like to see of "Law and Order: SV" that Frank appeared it is listed for April 21 @ 6:00 pm (eastern time) on the USA Network and the episode name is Deception.

Frank Grillo (Marty Russo)

On May 21, Frank took part in the opening ceremonies for AIDS Walk New York.  All of the celebrities received a celebrity gift bag and there is an autographed gift bag being auctioned online.  For information on the auction check out:  Also, if you click to see what is inside the bag there is a very nice picture of Frank.

For those interested in seeing Frank in another role Spike TV is showing episodes of "The Shield."  On the current schedule are the following two episodes that Frank appeared in (remember to check your local listings):

June 5 @ 1:00 am - Our Gang
June 16 @ 10:00 pm - Breakpoint

The information is also listed on Frank's website at: