Melanie (lovecrossed) wrote in blendify__,

The end and the beginning

Okay.. I'm done doing this. I'm done trying to find anything and everything for you guys to do a challenge. This is not the same challenge that I started back in October of 2003. It used to be no big deal to get almost 20 entries per challenge. It wasn't a problem if I posted a celebrity that a lot of people didn't like, people still enjoyed trying to get better at making blends. Now, it seems the same six people enter everytime, and are getting better, but the people who were always there before, don't give a shit anymore. It's really quite depressing.

So instead of closing this community, I am handing it over. I'm handing it over to the only person who was around and kept me working on it as long as I have been. She will do a wonderful job. Given the fact, I won't be gone completely, so if anyone starts to start crap or fight with her or be mean, this community will be gone.

I'm tired of being the only one who is trying.. or it seems. There's way over 100 members in this community and for me to beg and plead with you guys to get entries in, I'm done with that. I have better things I can be working on right now, and it seems that I'm wasting my time here working my ass off for you guys, so I'm done. I'm kind of, moving on with my life. This was great while it lasted and was successful, was one of the top three successful blending communities out there, and I hope it can get back to that. I will be around to help her out, but I won't be running it all myself.

Welcome Manda, juniorfan29 to blendify__ and make it worth her time to keep this community alive.

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