I try but I'm not convincing

Your lips they pout and twist

Are you jealous?
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~Rules for members and applicants~
1. Applications must be under an LJ cut
2. Dont be disrespectful and dont discriminate and don't be incredibly mean
3. RERSPECT THE MODS WE ARE ALL POWERFUL AND CAN DO AND SAY W/E THE FUCK WE WANT and if you have a problem with that dont apply (dont worry we're nice (: )
4. No nudey pictures
5. Respect everyones taste in music (just cuz you dont like their bands does not give you the right to say no)
6. Stay active (if you dont consider your ass banned)
7. If ur an accepted member and you leave you can come back anytime and please inform us if you are leaving or coming back
8. You can apply 3 times and if you are rejected all 3 times then take a hint and dont come back
9. Failure to follow these rules will result in being banned
10. If you had a bad day and want to bitch around do not post any emo crap unless we care and in most cases we dont (but Emilie will care she is emo)
11. So we know you read the rules put "CHACHE's cheating on MARIA" as the title for the LJ cut
12. Don't comment unless you have been accepted or it is your application
13. Have a nice day!
|All about you|
1. Name/nickname
2. age
3. location
4. gender
5. Sexual orientation
6. bf/gf or single

1. bands
2. movies
3. actors/actresses
4. color
5. soda
6. books
7. song
8. place

1. current president
2. abortion
3. sex before marraige
4. gay marraige
5. birth control pills
6. donuts (cuz we say so)
7. drugs and alchohol
8. religion
Post at least 2 clear pictures of youself (more are recommended)
Remember it must be under an LJ cut!!!!!
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lj: 2hottt4u
sn: smplmldy182
lj: _bloodxdrops_
sn: evanescence388
lj: in_this_gun