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a summer they'll never forget

Miss Hilton
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Welcome to bikini summer.......

RULES there arent many, so fucking read them.

new members:
1+ apply within 48 hours of joining please!
2+ make sure the pictures are of YOU, of you will be BANNED
3+ NO nudity... even though thats what bikini summer is all about, we dont wanna see that (unless you've been accepted and we are drooling over you)
4+ PUT EVERYTHING BEHING A CUT!! if you dont know how plese go here: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75
5+ try to promote, its not required but itll keep the community alive and we love you.
6+ dont bitch at accepted member, we are brutal, honest and big cunts. so if you scare easily...fucking get your ass out of here.
7+ tYpE lYkE tHiS aNd We KiLl YoU (slowly and painfully)
8+ on your app put 'thong bikini' in the subject line or the name of the cut, or else we'll reject you.

Accepted members:
1+ try to vote frequently and be BRUTAL
2+ continue to post pictures frequently, cause we love your SEXY, BEAUTIFUL, face
3+ don't bash because of one typo, but if it is continuous then bash away.
4+ promote us to your friends as often as you can. we love you, we love new people, we love BIKINI SUMMER!
5+ participate in themes
6+ banners and stamps are always appreciated!!

Application BITCHES!!

Basic crap:
1+ What do your friends call you?:
2+ Age:
3+ Sex:
4+ do you go for boys or girls?:
5+ where are you loacated?:

Shit you like:
(list as many as you want fuckers)
6+ Bands/music:
7+ Movies:
8+ Tv:
9+ books:
10+ Actors:
11+ Actresses:
12+ color of bikini:

Opinion shit:
13+ thoughts on gays?:
14+ whats your take on thong bikinis?
15+ what do you like about yourself?
16+ why the hell do you wanna join?:
17+ why should we accept you?:
18+ have you seen bikini summer?:
19+ do you think you have what this community takes?:
20+ pick a mod and stroke our ego with compliments?:
21+ do you think band is for GEEKS?
22+ are you gonna promote your ass off? BE HONEST!:
23+ if you had a superpower what would it be and why?:
24+ what would your superhero name be?:
25+ what do you dislike about yourself?:

FINALLY, post 3+ pictures of yourself and if there are other people in the picture, tell us which one is you!:

Thanks for applying and GOOD LUCK TO YOU!