c a s s a n d r a (__cryofjoy) wrote in being_me_,
c a s s a n d r a

My Application:
Name: cassandra
Age: 14
Gender: female
Sexuality: straight
Country: usa
Movies: butterfly effect and american beauty.
Colors: black&pink
Tv Shows: reality shows!
Books: dont read.
School Subjects: uhm math and technology class. gee i sound like a nerd.
Hobbies: getting online, hanging out with friends and PARTYING!
Animal Cruelty & Punishments Deserved: i think however people abuse their animals should be tortured the same way so they could see how it feels.
Capital Punishment:?
Abortion: against it all the way...how can you take the life of such a sweet innocent little baby who didnt do anything to deserve to die??!!?
Celebs Who Hardly Wear Any Clothing: doesnt effect me any, so i dont see the big deal.
And why do you want to be a member of being_me_? to be apart of a community and meet different people.
Please post at least one picture of yourself:
Please promote twice, and leave the links..(we'll be checking)
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