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If you still would like to be a part of the community then let me know within the next 5 days or you will be deleted from the members list... Also if you plan on staying then I will need a updated user picture... Make sure that it is 100x100 please... For the next6 couple of days the community will be changing slowly... I'm going to have a different info page and different background... After we have officially 10 people we will start all the fun stuff!!! Plus there will be a point system that everyone will have to go by!!! So just keep updated on the community for all the details!!!

<3 Sheena.
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*stamped/promotions/another co-mod*

I'm so much to manageCollapse )

Ok we now have another co-mod distorted_bones~CeeCee (if she still wants to do it) and she will be over the banners, the points, and the member of the month. CeeCee if you still want to do it then just comment and let me know if this is alright with you. You too will also be able to access the info page.

That leaves me with the quote of the day, the game, and the members page.

<3 Sheena.

stamped// leaving

i think i'm going to leave this community. the other ib rating communities i'm in hold their applicants to much higher standards and that's what i'm used to. i don't feel comfortable staying and voting in a community where i would either have to rate the applicant very very harsh in comparisin(sp?) to other voters, or dumb down my standards.

i'm extremely sorry.

i would also like to extend my sincerest apologies to distorted_bones for wasting her auto-accept on me.

please feel free to message me or add me or anything the like. you all seem like wonderful people

*Stamped/We now have 2 co-mods!*

Ok alwaysenchanted~Steph and flirtychic1977~Kristen are now our co-mods!!

Steph will be over the stamping of applicants and the scavenger hunts and she will be able to access the info page if she wants to change anything.

Kristen will be over the themes and contest and she too can access the info page.

But before we change anything in the info page I guess we will consult with everyone and see if its alright with all three of us.

How does this sound??

<3 Sheena.

*Stamped/need a co-mod*

Ok I just got an email from our co-mod. She has come to the US for a few months and she told me that the computer she was on will only let her check her mail so she won't be able to be active. So I am now looking for a couple more co-mods. So if you are interested then let me know.


<3 Sheena.