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luv meh luv meh SAY DAT U LUV MEH!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Name? Molly
2. Age? 8teen
3. Where ya from? Wisconsni
4. B/f or G/f? wat? u meen am i a bf or gf? ima gf jeez duh ima grl do datz kinda OBVOUS. i haf a bf icaze u wantd 2 no. hez mad hott. hiz namye iz bob. i luv him <4 luv ya sweti. uz my lyf. uz my evrithin. uz my best bf eva

5. Singer/Band? i haf lotz. cani List em al? um thtll tak 2 l0ng so um... daddy (locl ska), da yogi bears (locl), momo (locl), blood broz, fefe dobzon, <### (locl, RILLY RILLY RILLY G00D), the postage servlace
6. Movie? OMGS S0 MANI. janet villas (indy by muh g00d frend shishi. i luv uz babe muah muah m uah)
7. Song? "dirrrti" by xtina. "icy icy babi" by french vinila ice. "shak dat @$$" by slipnot. "my ma droped me wen i wuz yunga so im rilly hott now" by daddy. "2 hott 2 handle fo sho (ima sexy man, yeah, kk?)" by loz lonley boyz
8. Celebrity? def. muhselph. im just rilly awdsum. in 2nd placve iz prolly mary j blidge. shez mad chyl. i hug out w/ her once oh wait neva minbd i meen AVRRIL
9. Food? prolly chickn wigs
10. Color? oliv gren defitily wat tip OF A QUESTIN IZ DIS???!

11. What do you feel is your best quality? um. ima rilli smarty grl. wurdz frum da wize (aka me): liv in da fastest layne nnd stay as hot as u can evan when ur 70 yrz old still look nnd act young.
12. What do you feel is your worst quality? nothin. maybe i lyk goin 2 concrtz 22 muc
13. What's your hidden talent? nun r hidn. actuli datz not tru, no1 noes how g00d i am @ playi w/ my pokermun crds.
14. What's your guiltiest pleasure? tha beetlez lolz
15. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? mayb dyi n muh hare olive gren

*Some Other Stuff*
16. Why do you want to be part of this community? cos i neD a nu cumunehti 2 joyn cuz i wana. dis 1 tym me nnd shishi wre getin iced creem nnd sum wanabe punkk kid wuz liek "yo gimme sum of dat shyyyyyyyt" nnd i was liek "OH NO U DIDNT" nd i pushd da liddle puc outa da way nnd got muh iced creem
17. In your own words, define beautiful: i um beutifuuuul no madda wat dey say ur wordz wont brin meh down noooooooo! ur not gonna push meh down 2dai!!!!!!" luv dat song nnd "wrez da luv?!??" definz it 2 by da black eyed peez

*Pictures* iono how, lolz. sryy guyz i still <4 ya def. datz neva gona change unles i becum anotha perzon lolz dat wuld b mad funy i could look likema hole nu me nnd still b da same personzliity or i coul look da same nnd act dif. but tden i mite not wanta join dis hot comuniti or rite datz wat i jus sed LOLZ
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