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Are you beautiful?'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Are you beautiful?

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Leaving [Sunday (02.06.05) 4:17pm]

guys... seriously this community went absolutly nowhere.
it's time to let it go.
i'm leaving.
bye bye.
2think im beautful

[Wednesday (12.29.04) 6:12pm]

bannersCollapse )
6think im beautful

Wow. I'm cool. [Wednesday (12.29.04) 12:34am]

[ mood | tired ]

This is how bored I am... we got a new app. so im filling one out because i can.


Bea-utiful LyKe WoAH oMgZzZzZz! Collapse )

2think im beautful

[Tuesday (12.28.04) 5:20pm]

ok guys im gonna try my hardest to fix this mess up....im gunna make banners and all that junk k ppl ! :0
6think im beautful

[Tuesday (12.28.04) 12:21pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Okay, we really need to make a rule.

That people have to post an application within the week (or whatever) that they apply.

We have a lot of people on our members list which is great but half of them never applied!

We can't get this community going if no one ever posts applications.


think im beautful

[Wednesday (12.08.04) 7:41pm]

[ mood | calm ]

This community is going no where. :(


Gretchen beautiful you still haven't posted an application! :P

think im beautful

[Tuesday (11.30.04) 5:00pm]


____radiant <join

think im beautful

[Wednesday (11.24.04) 5:16pm]
Last night was pretttttty cool. Hungout with k.kel..got dismissed at 11:40...

Tonight I want to be a loser and stay home, by myself...or maybe the maineiacs or not
2think im beautful

[Sunday (11.21.04) 7:14pm]

ok wut do u think of these shoes ? tell me which ones i should get...olivia told me the black ones were ugly ! :(

Read more...Collapse )
5think im beautful

JOIN! [Wednesday (11.17.04) 8:26pm]

join now :]

2think im beautful

stamped. [Wednesday (11.17.04) 9:07pm]

I've been promoting like crazy to my friends.

So hopefully we'll be able to get this community going.

And not like Olivia's old ones. =P

Haha. Love. <3
2think im beautful

:[ I have no pictures. [Wednesday (11.17.04) 7:55pm]

[ mood | [peachy] ]

This is beautiful :]Collapse )

4think im beautful

Yo Quintin!! - Application [Monday (11.15.04) 6:51am]

Hey Quintin! I dunno how to make an LJ Cut so im just gonna post my Application kk ?

Name: Sammy Howaniec

Gender: Gurl

Location: Lewiston, ME

How did you hear about this community: YOU!!!!!!!! @ cheering

store : Abercrombie
resteraunt: Friendlies
song: Vacation - Simple Plan
food: WAtermelon
sport/activity: Cheering!!!
movie: Cinderella Story

Your thoughts on...
Christina Aguilera: holy shyt shes got lungs
The song "beautiful": The best song ( after vacation) describes u n me :-D
Sex: Im too young buddy

What makes you beautiful: My personality :)

Proof of where you promoted this community: www.livejournal.com/users/build_a_bear_21

5think im beautful

First to apply.. YAY! [Sunday (11.14.04) 8:21pm]

[ mood | calm ]

ApplicationCollapse )

9think im beautful

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