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Name: moriah
Age: 16
Birthday: July 8th
Location: buffalo, new york
Sexuality: straight
Status(pic if taken): single


Bands: i like alot of bands um i like click 5 ; fountains of wayne ; Relient K ; Hawthrone heights ; blink 182
Singers: Beyonce ; Christina Aguilera ; Hilary Duff ;
Movies: The Notebook;Thirteen; 10 Things I Hate About You ;Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants; Napoleon Dynamite ; Wimbledon ;
Beache(s): Bay Beach ( you prolly haven`t heard of it )
Books: Speak ; the truth trap
Actres/Actor: Mischa Barton
Person: my friends ; my family ; everyone in my life

->This or That..Reasoning please<-

Summer or Winter: i like both ; i love the summer because thats when my birthday is & cuz i love to go to the beach & just relax ; but i love the winter for the snow i just think its really pretty in the winter
Roxy or Billabong: i like both but i kinda like Roxy a little more
Surfing or Snowboarding: I've always wanted to learn how to surf & i love the ocean so i would have to say surfing
Skateboarding or Skimboarding: I haven`t ever done either ; prolly skimboarding
Coke or Pepsi: pepsi ( diet )
Chocolate or Vanilla: vanilla
Black or White: black b/c it makes a statement
The truth that brings a tear or a lie that brings a smile: truth - everyone deserves to know the truth ; when someone lies to you ; you really aren't happy you just think you are ; someone will still get hurt in the long run because of a lie


Love: very very cunfusing ; its always amazing at first ; its beautiful when people are really in love ;
Gay Marriage: god put us all on this earth to love one another ; & we can`t pick who we love ; its up to our hearts ; so its not right to punish someone for being in love
Abortion: i think it can go either way ; if a girl gets raped & she isn`t ready to take care of a child then i think she should get an abortion ; but i really think that everyone does deserve to live ; i don`t think its right for a man to say abortion is wrong because he never will have to go through pregnancy & etc ; its a women's body & its up to her to do what she wants
Smoking/Drugs/Drinking: i think people do this for attention ; mostly in high school but sometimes it continues more throughout life ; its really sad to watch people who have problems with drugs or drinking
Self infliction: i think its really sad ; but when someone gets to this point ; they do stuff that seems right ; these people are emotionally destroyed ; i think they need someone to be there for them ; because no one is there for them they feel bad for them selves & this is there way to release their pain & anger


Who is your idol and why: My grandmother ; she was the oldest of 8 ; ever since she was little she had to take care of everything ; she is very independant and she is always helping others ; shes basically been a 2nd mom for me & my brothers
Who is your favorite celeb(pic if possible): Kelly Clarkson ; i recently read an article about her ; & she seems alot like me ; she had to go through alot b/c of her parents divorce & problems with her & her dad & so did i
How did you find about this community?:
If by a person who?:
Promote in 2 friends journals and 1 community:

Post 3 face shots and atleast 1 body shot:
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Any last words?: this looks like a really cool community so i hope i get in

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