brandizgangster (brandizgangster) wrote in beach_bums_,

Name: Brandi
Age: 15
Location: Homestead, Fla (near the keys)
Hobbies/Interests: Goin out out on the boat, fishing, the beach, anything to do with the ocean, riding 4 wheelers
Describe yourself in no more than 7 words: fun, crazy, random, laid back, and complicated
Go to the members page( and pick the member you think is a true beach bum and why. it's a tie between sexysurferx3 (roxanne) and undermyspell616 (jayme) because in the pictures they both look so freshly *sun kissed*
Promote in three places( no promotin communities!):
Post 3 or more pictures of yourself(must include your face only and a full body shot):
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