♥Katrina♥ (starstruck99) wrote in beach_bums_,

Name: Katrina
Age: 14
Location: Akron (used to live in the sunshine state Florida..moved last year:()
Hobbies/Interests: dance, swimming, volleyball, horseback riding
Describe yourself in no more than 7 words. funloving,caring,funny,considerate,lovable,goofy,trustworthy
Go to the members page(www.picturetrail.com/beach_bums_xo) and pick the member you think is a true beach bum and why.
would have to say Roxanna because she looks like she fun, definately love the beach and the sun considering she looks sunburned lol. and from what i can see it look like she likes to surf too!

Promote in three places( no promotin communities!):

Post 3 or more pictures of yourself(must include your face only and a full body shot):

its me on the bottom
*sorry i only have two..but i included a face only and a full body shot!

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