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Jess </3


Sorry ive been so extremely inactive lately.
so much has been going on w/ school coming 2 a close & dance & etc.
newayz. these are pics that i just got developed from when i went 2 maryland for spring break w/ my boyfriend & a picture of my friend missy.
i still might be partially inactive. we will see.
my computer is retarded so it acts up often.



Me & Missy went and picked up my pictures after schoOl today. i'll show ya the ones of spring break in MD & my darling bff missy!

Image hosted by
Leigh-Louies youngest sister
Image hosted by
Leigh-pimping my glasses.
Image hosted by
aw.gross. i still ♥ him.
Image hosted by
aww my sexy beasts. Louie & his bro Chris(fer)
Image hosted by
on the way 2 the airport. me=ew x 1000. him=sexy mofo.
Image hosted by
ew gross fat face jess again. cant help it. i was takin the picture all retarded like.
Image hosted by
hahaha. yea thats my love.
Image hosted by
aww he is amazing.
Image hosted by
this hottie rocks my glasses better than i do ♥

awww thats enough sickness 4 now. oh wait almost forgot missy-poo. shes not sickness though.
Image hosted by

alright im done now...
♥ x 100000000000 + more
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