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Age:Just turend 14!
Hobbies/Interests:Dance,Soccer,Tennis,taning,shopping,Cheerleading camps!
Describe yourself in no more than 7 words.Brown hair/eyes,medium color skin,5'1
Go to the members page( and pick the member you think is a true beach bum and why.Roxanne she looks the tannest out of all of them BUT there all really tan!
Promote in three places( no promotin communities!):     


Post 3 or more pictures of yourself(must include your face only and a full body shot)

ok this is me without my tan i am getting my dance pictures soon so i was getting ready and amber was just snaping random pictures of me i didnt have a tan yet it was January!lol

another picture when i was getting ready i had liek no make up on! and the rest of my body was cut off when i was like trying to put it in here

me a few days ago the sun came out and i was outside! ok well my computer is messed up and it wont turn OR like get anysdmaller srry!

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