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yesterday: my mom is the only person i have in my life, and she left last night to go see my grandpa on his death bed. So now im compleatly fucked. i hate to stay here with my dad and sister even though they hate me, and then yesterday at school , my teacher always gives us candy and lets us eat so i brought a sucker to class and i was eating it and then i got in trouble for it and i wouldnt put it away, bc i mean i just opend it and that is stupid so she kicked me out of class, so i was just walking around and doing what ever. Well that is liek the back ground of my story
I get to school and i just dont want to deal with anything bc i can just tell im going to have a bad day and i could like sence it comming, so i go to the nurses office and im like i dont feel good and i think im going to throw up so i cal home but no one answers even thought i know my dad is at home he is just to stupid to answer the phone, so i go to my first class late WITH A PASS and the teacher yells at me for being late even thought i was at the office, and then i got yelled at bc i keep everything in my purse, even thought i have everything i need. Idk it just helps keep me more organised, but yah so then i get in trouble for INTERUPITING the class err even thought it was like his falut, so he was like being a bitch, then i go to my second class * that was the sucker class* and so i geuss she gave me a cut for kicking me out yesterday, so i just compleatly went off on her and im just like OMG YOU CANT GIVE ME A CUT FOR SOMETHING I DIDNT EVEN DO. And we were fighting about that and then she trys to say that she told me to go to the office so then im like well i did agnolage that so you should have taken it that i didnt hear you, so we fight really badly for like 5 mins and then she just drags me down to the office. Well i have to wait in the office for about a half hour before anyone would talk to me so then im fighting with my dean about it really badly i mean im screaming at her and just going crazy, bc i dont want to be in trouble for nothing i mean damn i didnt even do anything. and she always takes the other persons side, so im just like holding all these things against her so i think i got out of it but i have to go back tomrrow to find out bc i mean until i get out of trouble compleatly then im not going to stop fighting with them im VERY STUBERN. well so after im fighting with her she is like why did you skip 1st this moring and im like I WAS IN THE NURSE I SHOWED HIM MY PASS WTF!. and then so she is like your sick kelsey here well you should go to the nurse now and go home sick and im like NO I CANT * i cant go home sick bc i have drivers ed after school and if i dont go then i have to pay 40 dollars, and you cant go back on school if you go home sick or get an oss* so then im just like telling her all that but she wont listen to me, so i go to the atendence lady and i fight with her about going home sick and how i cant get back so im like trying to see if i can just go home and then come back for drivers ed but she LIKE WILL NOT LET ME so im getting pretty pissed at this point. So they send me back to the nurse. and are nurse is the biggest bitch ever so i tell her my story about how i have to come back and she is telling me how she doesnt care, what i do or about me , and she doesnt care about any of the students so im like W/E so she lets me call my dad to see if i can go home sick and im talking to him and he is like well kelsey and he is like yelling at me so im yelling back. and so the fucking nurse just starts going off on me and im like oh hell no dont even start with me so i just flip on her and everyone in the nurses office is just laughing at her, well so i go back into the atendence office to sign out of school and the atendence lady is giving me shit. and so i just go off on her then next bc im not in the mood and i dont take any ones shit, well so durring all this time none of them wanted to talk to me they just wantecd to send me to a counsler to talk to them so the atendence lady when im just trying to sign out to go home is teling me how i should go talk to the counsluer and im like NOO and i just slam the door in her face and go home. well my dad is dumb so i have to walk home in the rain, in like all white even thought he is home, and then he gives me shit when i get back and im just like about to like idk im going insane thought AHHH!

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