anna (xo_xo_anna) wrote in beach_bums_,

pics from ukraine

Image hosted by this is the street my school is on... everything is grey looking cuz the snow just melted and its still cold...
Image hosted by
just me being really really bored and stupid.. like i would ever wear that skirt.. (=P)
Image hosted by
most of these are just me being stupid so here are some more...
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
all of these pics are from the time my cousin came over and spent the nite...
Image hosted by <---this is her pic
more of me being stupid..
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
and then i broke the bed... lol
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
yummmy teddy bears!
oooohhh and here is a pic of a part of my school...
Image hosted by kinda looks like a prision right? lol
but there are lots more pics coming in like 2 or 3 days so just keep tunning in on my lj... LOVE YOU GUYS AND MISS YOU
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