April 19th, 2005

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Mk well im back as you can see, but i went to michigan for a week to plan my grandpas funeral and then go to it and all that stuff. Well when i was there i met some pretty WERID people. Like i got really bored and they have a park really close to there talior so i would just go and walk down to the park and swing and stuff just randomly. and well so one time i walk down there and there is a group of kids so im just like HI im kelsey. Whats up and so they were just all like hi, and im like so what are your guys names. and the girl is like my name is shay im 15, and then her little friend looked so young like a ten year old and he is like my name is ty....... ler but you can call me ty its my sex name and im like : 0 your like ten you shouldnt have a sex name haha but yah and then there is a little 7 year old sitting next to him and she the first thing she tells me IM A LESBIAN and so im just like mmm okk. but yah and so well the 2 younger kids leave and its just me and the girl and we were talking for a long ass time. and she told me some really werid things.
-shes bi
-mom beats her
-moms in jail
-shes been raped
-shes running from her gang
-she made home made alchoal and gave it to 2 kids and they died from it
-she shot a kid between the eyes when she was with her gang bc they made her
-she is most likely pregnate by an 11 year old
-she cuts her self
-she trys to commit sucide
-shes been to the mental hostpital 4 times this year
-she is anerxic/belimic (it switches back and forth)
and there was so much more crazy shit that she was telling me we were talking for about 4 hours at least it was in sane.
Well the next day i went back to the park and she was sitting there with that tyler kid and then there was a nother friend of theres. and he was really gothic and werid. The first thing that he says to me is.. will you slap me. and im like nooo! and then he like keeps trying to get me to slap him and stuff but i wont bc that is werid. and then that little tyler is kid is like trying to do stuff with me and he is like 13/14 tops so im like haha nooo and he like wont stop htiting on me and he is being all werid and stuff, and then shay is running around eating grass and im like wow. You guys are really werid. But like all that is going on for a while and we are just like standing there talking and its really werid or w/e but then like that one gothic kid picked up a metal bar in like a u shape and he is trying to get me to choke him with it and im like wow .. noooooo. i mean i dont like torcher people for them thats just werid, but like so i think you get the idea that they are werid and all.

Well then later that night i meet my grandpas neighor basicly and he is my age we are like 2 weeks apart woot woot but yeah so i was just hanging out with him for a long time and we were just walking around and playing basketball and he is telling me all this werid things about them and idk just how like insane they are and what not idk but he was pretty cool and normal at least thank god.

Well that is about it for what happend about meeting people. But i still had to go to my grandpa funeral its was so hard, it was so sad ic oudltn stop crying i was so close to him me and my sister are there favorite grandkids by FAR and they really show it to. so it was really hard loosing him and just watching him. But so we go back home after words, and we are just like sorting threw the flowers and everyoen is just taking the ones that they want, and we only took a leaf that says grandpa on it in like glitter and this really pretty pink rose, and my aunt took the rest bascily. she was being really greedy she wanted absolutly everything and but all her family got was like they each got like a ring of his and that is it. but she wanted his truck his car, there house like everything you could want even though my grandma is still alive, they are just douche bags. but yah so my aunt asked my grandpa if she could buy the car off of her since she wont need to now to give to her son bc he will get his licence soon, but my grandma said no to her. and so she didnt end up getting nething just her kids and husband and stuff, but yah so then my grandma was handing out stuff that everyoen was gettin to everyone and my sister got my grandpas weading right which was really nice, so she could wear it as a neclace, and i didnt get nething at the time but i didnt even think twice about it bc that isnt what im about. well so after everyone is gone my grandma tells me that she is goign to give me the car for the birthday (the one that my aunt wanted) so that was pertty cool. and then i geuss she is going to go on a trip to floirda with my family bc she had it planed out to go with him and they had everything so that is pretty cool to.

my grandpa use to go to the neighbors house and play with there cat all the time, he treated it like it was his own but he didnt want to get one, well it was an indoor cat so it never got out but one day it did i geuss and it got pregnate but none of us new, well we went over there to tell them that he passed away, and we found out that the cat had kittens the same day that he died. so my family is taking a kitten in 6 weeks when they are ready to!