April 10th, 2005

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omg i went to the dells for saturday, and then sunday adn it was so much fun i went with my friend brytt and we met SO MANY GUYS. Omg it was insane, haha i got like all the lifegaruds numbers, but this one. he called me over and he hitting on me but he is playign hard to get and he is at the top of the worst slide ever, and its so hard to walk up so i had to go up it like 20 million times ah it sucked. but they were all so hot and they had thoes hot six packs with out the obleacs thank god. idk and then we met so many other guys. But some were like molesters and they were chasing us down the hall so we slamed are door in there face and locked them out. Bc they are like come on lets go in your room come on lets go do stuff n iml ike ur not getting nething but no one seems to get it lol and then we got these guys to flash us in the parking, lot haha losers. but idk i had so much fun!!!