April 6th, 2005

i cant stop crying

i found my missing cat last night, it has been gone for about 3/4 years. it was so werid. like my cat use to follow my dad on walks with the dog and like hide. And so im sitting in my friends front yard, and a lady comes walking by with her dog at about 8 30 at night. Then one of my friends says oh is that your cat. So i turn to look and it looked just like my old kitty did, It was orange, and it was just so much like him in liek so many ways. and then the lady is like yeah, my cat is werid, it likes to follow me when i go on walks, and like hide. So i called it over. It was so sad, i know it was him but i just couldnt say anything, he looked so happy, and so did she, and i just dont think that i could do that to family, So i just let her keep going im going to back around there again to night, to see if she walks by, just to like make sure so i at least know that he is happy and in a loving home, and not dead on the streets. But today was really sad bc i always think about that cat, and i never have givin up hope about it comming back or me finding it but i didnt think it would be this sad.
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