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Don't Ask...We Don't Know

Battery Acid
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In this community you can talk about w/e the fuck you want! Really no rules just have fun :).
a static lullaby, a.f.i., alkaline trio, anti-flag, ashes of yesterday, asterics, avril lavigne, batteries, bert mccracken, black, black nail polish, blink 182, blood, brand new, buffy, caffine, cake, canada, candles, care bears, cats, chad micheal murry, chocolate, chokers, coffee, commercials, computers, converse sneakers, crayons, crossfade, dani filth, danny elfman, davey havok, decals, dogs, dracula, dragons, drawing, drowning pool, edgar allen poe, edward scissor hands, evenescence, eyeliner, fanfiction, finch, fire, fist fights, freddy cruger, friends, from autumn to ashes, funeral for a friend, getting drunk, glass, goth art, goth metal, gothic clothes, green, greenday, gum, guys named jimmy, guys with accents, hanging with friends, harleys, harry potter, heavy metal, home room, hoodies, hospitals, hot guys, hot things, hot topic, ice, ice cream, ink, internet, italian art museums, jack skellington, james marsters, jason, johnny depp, kickball, linkin park, listening to the voices, magic, mall, malling, mental hospitals, micheal myers, millencolin, mindless self indulgence, mountain dew, music, my chemical romance, needles, new found glory, nightmare before christmas, nofx, novacane, old horror movies, open wounds, orlando bloom, painting, pants, philisophical thinking, pills, pink, pirates, pizza, poetry, punk rock, purple, razorblades, red, rubber duckies, scissors, sharks, sharp objects, shoes, shoplifting, sin, sleepovers, snowboarding, soda, spikes, squiggly lines, static-x, system of a down, tables, taking back sunday, the used, therapy, thirteen, this site, thursday, tigers, tim burton, tom felton, twitching, typing bad, vampires, vlad tempes, warped tour, werewolves, windex, writing, xbox