Hello all!

Hi! I've been in this group for a while, I think, but I just decided to post something. Why? 'Cause I can. So, I play Trumpet in both my school's Symphonic Band and in our Marching Band. I'm a Junior and I've been playing trumpet since 4th grade :D. Ummm...since people have been uploading videos of their band, I decided to as well. I found this clip of our show from my freshman year (2007) and it's Part 3 of our show, "Beyond the Stars". It's called Scorpio. I found it on Google Video and uploaded it to Youtube. So obviously, I didn't record it. We had a REALLY small band that year. Like...90 people. And yes, this is Westminster High from Maryland :D.
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Hello. ^^

New member, long time band geek. Been a while since I've been in high school or even a band, for that matter, but I'm always and always will be a band geek at heart. As such, I offer a video I found where the group uses the actual Notre Dame Marching Band for their video. It's pretty awesome, and can be seen here:


Enjoy! I know it brought back many fond memories for me(although I only WISH our band had ever gotten to do anything that cool).
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Anybody's band going to the Macy's Day Parade 2009? My band is 1 of 11, just wondering who else will be there.

Here's our audition vid, if anyone wants to see it. I suggest skipping to about 7 minutes, but the whole thing is pretty sweet (although a little off because of bad recording/YouTube...)

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hey. i'm new but i've been lurking for a while now. there should be more posting though because this community is so awesome :]

i play clarinet and i'm trying out for my state's senior district concert thing. does anyone have any idea where i can listen to or get von weber's concerto #1, 1st and 2nd movements in D for Bb clarinet? yeahhhh...

anyway, this is my school's band. we're doing a latin show this year and the video is from a competition we just did on sunday. we suck but we're big. 150 members, yo.

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Hello everyone!

I'm researching graduate programs in performance and was looking for some suggestions of professors you might know/like and the schools they teach at. I also wouldn't mind if any of you know some piccolo enthusiasts... I'd love to study with someone that loves picc as much as me. =]

Let me know. =]
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I'm new here, Percussionist (mainly mallets, vibe for marching season) and a big band geek too.  Can't wait, I have competion in 2 days, YAY!! That's all I had to say.
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HAI. I hail from Choctawhatchee <3

Greetings. I be a Choctawhatchee Style Marcher.

I'm a freshmen [unfortunately] and I'm in Concert [second] Band. [all band classes are in marching band]

I play Bassoon
I march Euphonium
I can play basic Piano, though I used to be considered a prodigy.
I have, in the past several years, lost my superior piano skills, and have had to start, more or less, from the beginning.
[Contrary to popular belief, it is not like riding a bike]
I capitalize instrument names, and drive my English teachers nuts.
I have tried out for all-county once, and made it once.
I have played 2 solos at S&E and gotten 2 Superiors.
I have marched one marching show entitled 'Ave Ave Ave'
I have marched said show at the Florida Band Fest: Straight distinguished
I have marched said show at the Florida Tournament of Champions: 1st place
I have marched said show at Super Regional BOA: Atlanta: 11th place
I have marched said show at the Florida Marching Band Championship: 1st place, new record, 3/4 captions.
I have many many many hilarious band moments stored in my head, that I desperately wish I had on camera.
I have 2 band directors [one of which is gay <3]
I have 2 percussion teachers [neither of which I know very well]
I have 1 color guard coach [apparently she's very very mean]
I have 1 private tutor [who knows less than me. It's not that I'm just that good, It's only that he's just that bad]
I have and aunt and an uncle who are both band directors in Houston [one is retired] If you know a Robert or Nancy Caston, I secretly love you.

I only lord our band's accomplishment over the football players because they've never won shit, and still think they're better than us. [they've won 4 games out of the whole season. which is 2 more than they won last year]

I wish I could stay in high school forever and ever. [and ever and ever and ever]
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Hiyas, my name is Chelsea, and I play the trumpet. =D I kinda know how to play the piano... but not really =/ it's more of a I play around on the piano... but chords just don't happen fer me. Chords actually still kind of confuse me... Anyway. I've been playing trumpet for 5 years. I'm in the Marching and symphonic band at my high school. 

...Has anyone ever played "Variations of a Korean Folk Song"? 'cause... apparently it's a really popular piece... so yeah... just wondering.  Bye =D