we officially have a band. if you play lead guitar,& are looking for a band, reply ASAP. we will be holding auditions sunday,@2pm. remeber were in davie, FL, & were looking for someone whos in the age range of like...maybe 13-15 ish...we can make acceptions, but just comment if your pretty good& are intrested. TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!!

pleeeaaasssse comment/IM or e-mail me: xiplaybass@aim.com if youre intrested!!! type youre name, how long youve been playing, & anything else you wanna add. or if youre suggesting a friend, type their name& how long theyve been playing.

((p.s., if you can scream, like underoath, hawthorne heights, ect., thats a definate bonus, if not, please get in touch anyways...REPOST!!!))

- The Johnny Figure -
bass/ vocals- Katherine Dugan
drums/ vocals/ piano- Sarah Duskin
guitar- Mikey Switz
lead guitar-..............................?

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[hope this is okay, guys!!]
it's my first community- it's what i've always wanted, and finally put the time into doing. please help it grow!!

Monty Python


so sorry I haven't updated. I have been verily grounded! ><

just FYI:
this summer I will be on and off, but mostly off in June. June is pretty much my only vacation month this summer..XP next summer will rock harder though.

for randomness' sake, here's a couple random facts about me: I sleep in my street clothes, and my toothbrush is clear.

you know, we should have a Random Facts dealie. like, at least once a week each week (unless the person is out of town or whatever), each member should post a Random Fact about themselves. and it really needs to be random..like "I put sugar on my spaghetti"(I really know someone that does that..XP) not so much, "I like to wear jeans." that's not really random..lol but yeah, it seems like a good way to continue to get to know each other while even following the theme of the community.

so that's just a little food for thought for the mods. If y'all like it, I'm glad I could help. If not, then nevermind. X9
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