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ballistics_'s Journal

Fans of Ashley Graham
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This is a community for all fans of Ashley Graham of Resident Evil 4. As sort of a spin-off from my leon_x_ashley comm, I was inspired to make this little community when I realized that, screw Leon x Ashley, Ms. Graham is an awesome character in her own right and deserves a little love, with or without Leon's pretty face by her side.

Resident Evil 4 was the first RE title that I played, though I've since gone on to play and beat others, and Ashley is a character that still, even after witnessing the strength and heroism of Ada Wong and the tough indepedence of Claire Redfield, holds a special place in my little, video-game-lovin' heart. She's my favorite of the RE heroines to date, not for her badassedness or ability to shoot a rocket launcher, but in her simplicity, composure, strength, and utter cuteness that I found neither annoying nor ditzy. You don't have to ship her with anyone here; you could say you HATED the way she and Leon interacted for all I care. You just have to exhibit appreciation for Ashley Graham, and you're in.


I'm not too strict about rules, and I won't make you sacrifice your first-born to me in order to be an official member of this community, but, as always, I do have the usual guidelines that I ask you to follow. It isn't asking much, though the 50 dollar donation fee every month might seem a little steep at first... Trust me. You'll get used to it.

1. Anything you post, be they rants, icons, fanart, fanfiction, or random, spammy pictures, must relate to Ashley Graham in some way, shape, or form. It can involve another character if you like, but Ashley should be at least be mentioned as a part of whatever you post. This is a community dedicated to Ashley Graham, of course. This should be a given...

2. To join, you must be a fan of Ashley Graham. She doesn't have to be your favorite, Resident Evil character ever, but you have to at least like her to some degree to receive the illustrious title of "Member of one of Tess' Communities." If you do not like Ashley or do not wish to join, I've set up the posting access so that non-members are also allowed to post. If you'd like to discuss something with several of her fans, debate, ask us questions regarding why we like her so much, or even offer a peace-offering of icons, fanfiction, or something else, you're more than welcome to do so. Keeps things interesting.

3. That said, everyone, members and non-members, must treat one another with respect. I don't care about a few snarky, little comments here and there, but if things get too out of hand, I'll step in and make some warnings, which could eventually lead to a banning that will break your souls, since being banned from my amazing communites is a drastic price that I do not wish to make people pay... Just expect people to treat you as you treat them. If someone comes to me politely, I'll respond in kind. If you run in screaming about how "ASHLEY SUCKS AND SO DO YOU!", expect to be made to look like the retard you are before I kick you out. :P

4. Hentai, lemons, or whatever adult content you might possess regarding Ashley MAY be posted. However, please offer a warning and place it behind and lj-cut if you wish to share it. Some people aren't into that sort of thing.

5. Advertising other, Resident Evil-related communities or websites is allowed. I don't want you spamming your community every day, but if you'd like to share a site or advertise your community, I don't have a problem with that so long as it has something to do with RE. Posts regarding affiliation are also allowed, since I'd love some affiliates. ^.^

Admins & Mods

-leaute/@/www/AIM: wesker palm-

-leon_x_ashley: Leon x Ashley ♥ -
-scarletxmystery: Ada Wong ♥ -

Ashley-related sites
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Ashley is love.