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Title: Victoria
Fandom: Resident Evil
Characters/Pairings: Ashley/Leon
Rating: T
Warnings: language, sexual themes 
Words: 5, 343
A/n:  1) 'Victoria' is Spanish for 'victory' 2) this was my first attempt at Leon/Ashley. I wanted something a little different for them, so I went for angst and a closer look at Ashley. Girl needs more love. (You can also find the fic at
Summary: When the party's over, she turns up at his door. It's three in the morning. (Set four years after RE4.)

Everything died in Spain. 


This has nothing to do with fanfic, but my brother was watching Breaking Bad a few weeks ago and the characters were - ahem - intelligently discussing the finer points of the zombie genre. Ashley is apparently a very good motivator for killing zombies (I agree! - though maybe not in those exact words). (Warning: language, drug use, and funnies.)

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