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one-shot: "Appreciation"

Title: "Appreciation"
Rating: T (for gore and thematic elements related to death)
Genre: Hurt/Comfort
Pairing(s): none
Format: one-shot
Summary: While passing his body in Salazar's castle, Ashley and Leon pay their respects to Luis.

"Appreciation" is located HERE.
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Official RE Facebook page holding an Ashley- and Merchant-oriented contest!

The official Resident Evil FaceBook page is holding a drawing contest, the prompt for which is to create "an original picture featuring Ashley and the Merchant from RE4."

Contestants are to post URLs to their entries in the comments section of the post (which should be the most recent post on the page).

The prize is a free XBL code for RE4 HD.

Better hurry if you want to enter, though; the contest is only a day long.
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Title: Victoria
Fandom: Resident Evil
Characters/Pairings: Ashley/Leon
Rating: T
Warnings: language, sexual themes 
Words: 5, 343
A/n:  1) 'Victoria' is Spanish for 'victory' 2) this was my first attempt at Leon/Ashley. I wanted something a little different for them, so I went for angst and a closer look at Ashley. Girl needs more love. (You can also find the fic at ff.net.)
Summary: When the party's over, she turns up at his door. It's three in the morning. (Set four years after RE4.)

Everything died in Spain. 


This has nothing to do with fanfic, but my brother was watching Breaking Bad a few weeks ago and the characters were - ahem - intelligently discussing the finer points of the zombie genre. Ashley is apparently a very good motivator for killing zombies (I agree! - though maybe not in those exact words). (Warning: language, drug use, and funnies.)

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Ashley Graham Animation Test o1

So my friend and I have decided to do some animation projects involving game characters, mostly RE with some SH thrown into the mix. Ashley Graham is my first successful rig (minus the facial rigging). The animation isn't very long, only about 8 seconds, but I think it looks darn good lol. Forgive the song; I thought it matched Ashley's walk way too much not to include it lol. XDDDDD

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A Leon/Ashley Vid

Hi there :D

Recently became a Resident Evil 4 fan thanks to my sis, whose played the games and what an interesting story/cast of characters! I'm usually not big into horror-ish stuff as a fandom, but I couldn't help but be drawn in. (:

So here's my offering to the Leon/Ashley community, a vid I made for the pair:

This was made primarily for my sis, who loves the pair~ Not a huge fan myself, but, gotta say, they ARE pretty cute and their interactions in the game made me laugh so this was still a very fun little vid to make x)