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Oh, Inverted World*

_Logic Will Break //Your// heart

House of Jealous Lovers//indie*
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if you've ever been wronged... and had something to say about it///
if you yern for something more///
if you're passionate of anything that's derived from the renaissance///
if you find yourself appreciating the beauty of nostalgia itself///
dress up for no reason and listen to music that other's label "boring"///
this is the place for you.

no application required. just be yourself and everything will be grand.

this community is for indie kids only*

1. Be kind and respectful of others. Being indie means that you appreciate the unappreciated and find the beauty in the obscure.
2. No offence, but don't drown us in your sorrow. This is a place to find friends that you wouldn't find at your school. Not a crisis center.
3. The only way nudity is allowed is if it's done tastefully. NO PORN!
4. Use proper words. No one likes a person that sounds as though they just stepped out from San Fernando Valley, no matter how amusing it is.
5. Be creative. post pictures, lyrics, stories, icons, banners, etc. Anything that will highlight your skills.