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Prison Break and Bones

Not too many this entry, cause I was trying to do something new and yea. I think they look alright though. ;-)

comment, credit etc blah blah.


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ps- the layout does look wonky cause lj are supposedly doing something with the style sheet stuff. so it looks pretty ugly right now!!
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Welcome to Beautifully Broken

Hello, and welcome to our little icon community.

Beautifully Broken is a joint community, run by sico_kitty and audiologic.

Here you will find multifandom icons, tutorials, the occasional header, and any odd random items that take our attention. You can see the main fandoms we will be iconing by looking at our tag filters.

There are only a few rules in this community:

-absolutely NO hotlinking, please, sign up for your own Photobucket account, it won't cost you a thing.
-no stealing, just don't.
-credit where credit is due. please make every effort to credit anything you take from this community, with the exception of the tuts, just please don't pass off our work as yours.
-requests, sure, you can make them, but we can't promise that they'll get filled. it really depends on what time we have available to us.

If you can follow those, then we'll get along quite nicely! :-)