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We're uber rad lyke whoa.
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If you're awesome, rad, or super hXc, this is the place for you! Just fill out the application and post it under an el-jay cut. The first ten people to join are automatically accepted.

o1. Don't cause drama. If someone says something you don't like, tough shit. Everyone is allowed their opinion.
o2. DO NOT post anything other than an application if you haven't been approved by the majority of the members AND both mods.
More rules will appear shortly.

-If you use netspeak or l33t anywhere in this community, you will be banned.
-Don't have a tantrum if you're rejected. You're the one who posted the crappy application, after all.
-You MUST post your application under an lj-cut. If you don't know what that is, look in the Livejournal FAQs.
-Majority rules in the judging of applications.
-If you do not have a photo [of yourself] attatched to your application, you won't be considered.
-If you plan on joining and not posting anything, don't bother applying.


oo1. Name:
oo2. Age:
oo3. Location:
oo4. Gender:
oo5. Sexual preference:
oo6. Something awesome about yourself:

What's your favorite..
oo7. Band(s)/Singer(s):
oo8. Color(s):
oo9. Weekday:
o10. Author:
o11. Movie:
o12. Book:

What is your opinion on..
o13. Abortion:
o14. Illegal immigrants:
o15. President Bush:
o16. Premarital sex:
o17. Organized religion:
o18. Same-sex marriages:

o20. Are you a spoiled whore?
o21. Why do you want to be a member of this community?
o22. Do you know what skanking is?
o23. What is the cleverest thing you could possibly say right now?

[your photo(s)]


your mods: