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Fear and Loathing on Cape Cod

....the awesomeness...

The Awesomeness
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This community is dedicated to... "the awesomeness". It will be used as a message board to get our plans and ideas allllll into one place.. OR so.. i hope *crosses fingers*
The community will be "friends only" Posts

3am, abandoned buildings, anarchy, antiques, art, babbling brooks, babies, belly buttons, biting, black and white, blankets, bleached hair, bondage tape, boob, books, bright eyes, bunnys, cake, candy, cat ears, ceiling tiles, cheese, choco tacos, chocolate, clouds, cloves, comic books, conor oberst, cotton candy, crayons, david bowie, david the gnome, donnie darko, dreams, driving around, dyed hair, egg rolls, fingerpaint, fireworks, flowers, foreigners, fried ice cream, friends, frogs, ghost hunting, ghosts, gir, glue, green eyes, hugs, igloos, incense, irony, italian sodas, jello shots, jelly bracelets, karaoke, keebler elves, kittens, leftovers, livejournal, love, lucky charms, magazines, magnetic wheelchairs, makeup, mangoes, meatwad, mint, moss, movies, music, musicians, nachos, naked fun nights, nature walks, neil gaiman, nestle quick, nipples, october leaves, old people, paint, pants, pasta, pastry, pictures, popcorn, prodigal son, protests, rain, rainbows, robots, sam diegos, sand, scargo tower, scary movies, screech, sea world, shag carpet, shooting stars, showers, sing-alongs, six feet under, sleeping, smells, smurfs, snorks, snow, snow cones, snuggles, socks, stickers, sugatung, sushi, swords, taffy, tattoos and piercings, tea, text messages, the 80s in general, the beach, the blood brothers, the city, the dresden dolls, the internet, the moon, the mooninites, thrift stores, thunderstorms, toads, toes, turtles/tortoises, vegans, vitamins, weiners, windows, wuzzles, yoga, zelda