Mistress 9's Return

Awakening: Sailor Moon S RPG
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After a year of peace, everything seems wonderful for the senshi of the White Moon. It has been a year since the senshi fought with Pharaoh 90 and Mistress 9. Haruka, Setsuna, and Michiru live together in a remote cottage in the country with their child, Hotaru. But lately, something has been wrong with Hotaru. She’s been having nightmares at night and has been growing up too fast, physically and psychologically. She remembers everything that happened during the battle with Pharaoh 90.

Back in Tokyo, Japan, the other senshi are enjoying the peace and quiet. Little do they know that the Mugen School is being resurrected by the Witches 5, brought back to life by the little bit of evil that Pharaoh 90 left. The Witches 5 need Mistress 9 to awaken so that they may finish their mission. They send Hotaru subliminal messages of her past, trying to get her to awaken.

When Haruka and the others come back with Hotaru, the other senshi are stunned by Hotaru’s fast growth. The 4 outer senshi live together in an apartment for the time being. They feel that it is the best to stay together as senshi until they figure out what is going on with Hotaru.

One night, the Witches 5 used their powers to attract Hotaru to the Mugen School. There she is kept in a coma-like state until she awakens. She feels nothing accept the need to awaken, and the only way to achieve this is by the Witches 5 achieving the 2 Holy Grails of Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon.


1. Maximum character limit is 3 [THREE] characters per person.
2. No player killing/god play.
3. Please go by the Sailor Moon S attacks!
4. Post at least 3 times a week to keep this RPG active.
5. Have fun! ^^




Sailor Moon -usakochan
Sailor Chibi Moon -serasaturn
Tuxedo Kamen -bluesheep02
Sailor Mercury -dceivdbydarknes
Sailor Mars -el_mihoshi
Sailor Jupiter - mt_soul
Sailor Venus - bluesheep02
Sailor Neptune - bluesheep02
Sailor Uranus -midnight_united
Sailor Pluto - serasaturn

Mistress 9 - _sailor_freak_
Kaolinite - el_mihoshi
Eudial -
Mimete - usakochan
Viluy - el_mihoshi
Tellu - serasaturn
Cyprine/Pichurol -