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Only after a few hours at school, Rei decided to go home. Her mind was clouded by the thoughts of the evil this morning. She went to the main office, and they dismissed her. She walked home, slowly, as she observed everyone in the streets. The faces blurred together like a painting. She began to feel dizzy again, so she ran back to the temple and into her room. Shutting the door, she breathed heavily as she sat down by her table. She held up her head by leaning on the table. "What is wrong with me... I feel so drained... It's like... My power is being sucked from me..." She heard a faint knock on her door, and just yelled to come in. The door slowly opened as Rei sat by her table.


Yui was done teaching her one class for the day. She stretched as she walked down the stairs to the 1st basement. Some of the other girls were there. Yui transformed back into Viluy and yawned as she found her desk in the far corner. Her desk was kept neat, and the files were organized. She took out Ami's file that she found early and entered it on the computer. "Hmm, according to this... It says that she's taking a National Exam at the near by school. I remember one of my students saying something about being in it. Maybe I should be in it, just so I can meet Ami and beat her test scores," Viluy laughed.


Kaolinite remained downstairs with Hotaru's body. Her hair was growing a little each day along with her body. She walked behind Hotaru's chair and there was a computer, controlling all the tubes and devices attached to Hotaru. "This may hurt alittle, your highness," Kaolinite said as she pressed a button. Hotaru's body flinched a bit and and the tubes to her body shook violently. "I'm taking the energy from the senshi, bit by bit... The actual school is absorbing the powers like a radio station tower... It sends out radio waves, but this attraches the senshi's power waves," Kaolinite said gently. She took on an admiration towards Hotaru. Maybe it was because she was still a toddler, or maybe because she was going to become Mistress 9 and Kaolinite put her first before anything. "Have a good rest, Mistess 9... I will go see the Witches 5's progress..." She said as she walked out of the room, closing the doors behind her.

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Ami's slender fingers slowly followed the outline of the alarm clock until her fingertips found the button that would once again let the morning regain its silence. Rolling over, Ami looked up the earth as it glowed with the color of the sun ready to begin the new day. A songbird began a beautiful song as Ami pulled the covers back and placed her feet into the blue fuzzy slippers on the floor. She reached over and picked up her chemistry book as she walked out into the hall and towards the bathroom. It is never too early to begin my studies, she thought. Rubbing the towel against her blue hair, she made her way back to her room to get ready for school. She reached into the closet and put on her wind breaker, as the fall chill came through the open window. Ami laid the paper on the table next to the lamp that dimly lit the hall.
I am at Rei's studying. See you later. I love you, Mom.

Ami heard the final bell ring and she made her way toward the exit. She opened her lit book and began to make her way to the park. The sound of the creek water flowing relaxed her. I can not believe I only made a 95 on the last exam. I will have to study harder for the next one! Placing the book on the bench next to her, she watched the park goers pass her by. The couple that just passed held hands and kissed. Ami could tell they were very much in love. Not knowing what time it was, Am thought that she should be going. The fallen leaves crunched under her shoes as she made her way to Rei's.
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As Usagi polished off the rest of her cheezeburger, she leaned back and felt very full with that last joyful bite. She let's a happy sigh escape her mouth feeling overwelmed with contenment and security. Surprising her, Mamoru reappears with what was literally, a mountain of icecream... "Usako~" he said in that irresistable voice that melted her insides. "It is almost time to go.. hurry." She nodded knowing it would be no task for her to shovel the cold dessert into her endless stomach. Rolling up her sleeves she picks the spoon up and goes in for the kill.

"Usagi, it is almost time to go, hurry.", he repeated.
"Geez" she thought to herself "what's his rush...?" She is about to put the first refreshing bite when she is interupted by the shreeks of her mother from what seemed like a PA system...

She woke up statled, her heart pounding from the excitment in her mother's voice heard from the hallway. Her eyes quickly look over to alarm clock. It never seemed to fail. This day was no different from the rest of her week, she was running late.

"Oooooooh~! Why does it always happen like that?!" she whines. "I always get to teh good part JUST when I have to wake up! Baaah~ "

She rolls out of bed knocking Luna off onto the floor. Poor Luna was used to such abuses each day. Usagi doesn't notice she bumped Luna off the bed and heads straight for her uniform hanging on the closet door~ In a chaotic frenzy, she runs around the house gathering her school materials. On her way out, her mother passes her two pieces of cold toast as she sprints for the door. Slipping her shoes on in the foier of her house, she begins her "daily marathon."

She knew it was about a 10 minute run from her house to school.
"I might be able to make it on time if I trim off like 2 mins" she tried to assure herself as she chomped down the first piece of toast.

"USAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGI-CHAAAAN~!" she heard in the close distance.

Turning around she was greated by Minako also in a mad dash to make it to her homeroom on time.

"Minako~!" she shouted back. She was filled with happyness to see that her friend was also having an 'average day'~ A feeling of relief always filled her when she was around friends. There were too many occassions where she nearly lost them, and that is why she learned to appreciate such occassions like the morning run.

"I can see, you are up to your usual morning "jog" too~" She giggled. "No time to talk~ gotta jet!" She parted with her friend down the street while minako kept heading straight.

She could see her school in the distance, unfortunatly she could also hear the school bell. She slows down to the pace of a quick walk with of a feeling of defeat as the bell rings.

"Ooooooh" she whines, "I know, that means I am getting detention again this week. Apparently that's my favorite place to be after school... everyone is going to be disappointed in me." She sighs as she walks up the to the front doors of her school. Defeated, she heads on in.
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As she slept, she dreamed . . .

She was standing in a dark room, her sailor fuku all in tatters, a huge gash running down the side of her left leg. A steady stream of blood dripped from the wound, and glancing down she saw her reflection in a pool of her own blood. "What's going on . . . ?" She asked herself. "Where is everyone . . . where is . . . my Michiru . . . the Princess . . . what's happened . . .?" It was then that she heard the screams. They sounded so inhuman, screechy and high-pitched. Haruka clutched her head, finding her hair sticky with blood. "Ahh!" She yelped, surprised to pull her hand away and see it covered every inch stained a dark crimson. Then, she saw them: the sailor senshi, everyone of them, hanging from crosses, their eyes glazed and bulging, bodies coated in blood. "Oh my God . . ." she whispered, falling to her knees. "Oh my god, my god, my god . . . . . . MICHIRU!!!" Haruka ran to her love, trying to pull her down from the wall. "Michiru!!" She wailed, struggling with the chains. Surprisingly they gave way, and Haruka fell to the ground, holding her dead lover in her arms. "Oh God no, please, not you too Michi, please, God, NO!!"

She woke up to the sounds of screaming.

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....and then i had a premonition. like the water was pulling me down. pulling me back....pulling me back in time. almost as if time is going to repeat itself. what does this mean. do you think....the death busters...are still alive? im scared. and iv been hearing hotaru. baby hotaru...shouting!"
michiru then looked over at haruka who simply said "me too" and with that she fell asleep. michiru slipped a blanket over haruka and gave her a gentle kiss then quietly crept out of the room to get some air. she prepared some tea. her mind wasnt there. she was thinking and it was like she wasnt in the room. she was so deep in thought. after reminicing about sailor moon and the others, and all the times they shared. she snuck back in the bedroom. and curled up next to haruka watching her worridly as haruka took big breaths. michiru then fell asleep. dreaming about sailor moon holding baby hotaru in her hands. and half asleep she mumbled "it would be nice to see them again"....
minako ran down the street. she was in a estatic mood. she ran into the crown arcade and low n behold it was motoki. "motoki-kun!" mina shouted. "oi mina-chan! hey weres usagi?"
"i dont know. i just got out of school. shes probably on her way to rei's to study. i was on my way utill i remembered it was you're shift. thought id say hi" minako said blushing with happiness
"oh i see. hey guess what i just got a new shipment of plushies. its a box of the sailor soilders. they havnt been around in a while but theyre so popular." motoki explained looking for the box
"yeah i know. wonder where they went" mina lied
"aha! here for you" motoki held out a sailor venus plush. "she reminds me of you wiith the bow and all!
minako lit up "really? i can have it?"
"sure!" said motoki with a grin
"thanks! oh man im late. i have to go. thanks motoki-kun!" and with that she ran out the door
"jeeze that girls always so busy" he sighed with a smile.
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"I don't know . . . Just something wierd happened when I was running. Like time stopped or something . . . I dunno." Haruka felt embarassed . . . and sick. Her head was starting to hurt and she couldn't think straight. She looked at her koibito. She couldn't tell her, she just couldn't. It was too hard to explain. All she could think of right now was getting home and getting some sleep. She couldn't talk about anything right now. Her head . . . hurting . . . screaming . . .No, make it go away . . .

What was wrong with her? It felt like there was something in her head. Something was wrong with her, but what . . .? She felt all sleepy and slow-witted, she just wanted to go to bed. What was Michur saying . . . her head . . .

"Haruka?" Michiru asked, stepping closer. "Ai, are you okay?"

Haruka mumbled something incoherent. It hurt to think. Hurt to talk. She couldn't focus. She saw Michiru in front of her but she didn't understand what Michiru was talking to her about. "Something's wrong . . .?" She murmured.

"Yes," Michiru went on hurriedly, "I couldn't sleep, so I went for a swim, and then . . ."

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michiru was floating on her back in an indoor pool. concentrating. she felt something....odd. as if the water was pulling her. pulling her in. almost as if it was pulling her time. as if somethiing that had already happend was going to happen again. she felt like she must once gaian complete her soilders duty. then she remembered harukas coldness yesterday. she also heared hotarus screams. but they hadnt bothered her as they had haruka. she heared them as she was with her father. in her head. now as a baby haruka was living with her father. but what was haunting this precious babies dreams. she got out of the pool and quickly grabed her towel. drying her neck and her beautiful hair. then she remembered her. the savior. and her friends whom they once fought. now they were all as one. they were coming back. all of a sudden she felt like she needed haruka. she went and got dressed in a teal dress with a tan leather coat. she ran out. as fast as she could. ran after to find haruka. she was running down a side walk and was right outside the crown parlor. she then saw haruka walking as if nothing else mattered. michiru felt like crying but decided to take the direct approach. "haruka!" she yelled and finnaly caught up. "what is it?" she repiled "MICHIRU? what happend?"
michiru stumbled "i know whats going on. i know the screams. i hear them to. theres a new danger approaching. we need to talk about this! whats going on?"
haruka began "i dont know.....
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minako had just gotten up. she was in an extra happy mood. she brushed her hair very slowly enjoying it. then she put on her shirt. she slid on a loong sleeve for the fall.(i thought we could do real time) she poked her head through the top very carefully trying to make sure she didnt mess up her hair. then she quickly brushed the few misplaced hairs back into place. i picked up a stick of lip gloss and put on 2 strokes on her bottom lip. *smack* she rubed her lipstick on both lips. "perfect" on her way out she looked at artemis sleeping at the bottom of her bed. "finnaly no worries. sleep tight" and she smiled as she gently kissed him on the nose. he twitched in his sleep. minako then grabed her bag and ran down the stairs. she stopped to have a bite of toast.
"minako!" afamiliar voice said in a orderly type of tone.
"what's the matter now" mina questioned as if she didnt care reading a magazine.
"do you know how late you are young lady!" suddenly an older woman a little taller than minak stepped in the room. she had a little past the shoulder lenghth brown hair tied into a ponytail. and was wearing a black skirt. and a dress coat. she was getting ready to leave for work. "minako hurry up youre always late! she urged
"ok ok jeeze stop naggi...."(looks up at clock) she suddenly drops her toast right out of her mouth "AHHHHHHHHHHH ITS LATE I ONLY HAVE 15 MINIUTES AHHHHHHHH WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME OH NO OH NO" minako rose from the table and rushed to the door to put her shoes on. she then grabed her bag and began to run out the door but her mother shouted "minako! come here!"
minako then walked over expecting to get scolded for not listining or something. but to her surprise her mother embraced her and gave her a long hug. "i love you" cooed her mother. minas eyes opend wide with a shocked expression. then she relaxed and became comfortable in her mothers hug. "i love you too" she said. then minako saw the clock again "AHHHHHHHHH IM LATE. IU GOTTA GO!" and began to ran off. *sigh* minakos mother shook her head but then smiled. "oh well (chuckle) and went back in the house to get ready.
artimis drowsly rose from his spot on his bed to the window to see minako running out. "jeeze not again" he sighed. then he smiled"its nice to see her happy and carefree" then he went and curled up on the pillow her head had just been. he curled up and feel asleep.
"USAGI-CHAN?" screamed minako in surprise. usagi was running and looked in back of her "no time to talk! i gotta hurry!" screamed usagi exaughsted. "same hear ill talk to you later! huffed minako. she kept running straight as usagi turned into her school. (bing bing biing bong....) "AHHHHHHHH IM LATE! she ran into her homeroom and took her seat.
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