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This is a community designed for those who are a little tired of the lack of originality and substandard artistic ability of many other art-themed communities.

This is an open community, and all artists are encouraged to apply. However, you must make an introductory post in which an image of your artwork is included (the community members will then vote on whether you will be allowed membership). This is not to encourage criticism, but to ensure that the art that is posted here is of a certain standard. Application is open to everyone, and hopefully this will become a place where artists can share ideas and critique each others work without the repetitivity and lack of creativity of the majority of livejournal's artistic communities.

There are no rules for this community. All I ask is that posts are related to art, criticism is always constructive, and that all types of art are accepted and welcomed.
If you have any questions or problems, please direct them to castleinspain.