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Vyborg. Arts school building.

This building has attracted me, almost as soon as I saw it. And, I must say, it was quite a long time ago...
Such a white, graceful and majestic thing rising on a granite rock, facing the bay. Surrounded by deserted silence, with absolutely no one around... When you stay next to it, you feel like the city around you completely disappears.
Personally, I always get a fantastically-emotional-heroic feeling there, that reminds me Sergei Snegov's sci-fi prose.
I even a little jealous of Mr. Ullberg, who managed to not only design, but also to build this wonder, which is now the «Hermitage-Vyborg» Center.

Vyborg. Arts school building.<br />oil on canvas,<br />60x90 cm., 2011.
Vyborg. Arts school building.
oil on canvas,
60x90 cm., 2011.

For those who interested in process.
The sketch:

Vyborg. Arts school building. Sketch. paper, pencil, marker, whitenings.

Vyborg. Arts school building.
Sketch. paper, pencil, marker, whitenings

Canvas stages:

 Just drawing phase No-whitenings phase
Just drawing phase.No-whitenings phase.

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