Alright. I messed with the layout a little. How do you like it? Anyway, Jake (mrselfdstruct) and Shannon (kiss_the_sand) need more votes! Comon people vote and promote.
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Honestly.... WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS COMMUNITY?!?! To JUDGE people based on their interests???

I'm sorry, but I'm not one to criticize people based on their beliefs and hobbies. I'm out.
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Hey guys. sorry for the big delay i have been real busy as of late between concerts, band, friends, and my uncle is sick in the hospital so i had to visit him. And also my accepted and rejected banners are not working so someone please make me a new one if i dont. You will be loved.
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That thing...

Name: Jake
Location: East Northport (Commack school district)
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Favorite Bands(I dont want a list of 50 just like 10):
The Cure
Joy Division
Poison the well
The Smiths
The Number Twelve Looks Like You
Nine Inch Nails
Benton Falls
The Locust
Pig Destroyer
Xiu Xiu
Alot more, I tried to narrow it down...

Most Hated Band/Artist: Hatebreed
4 Favorite Movies: Edward Scissor Hands, Igby Goes Down, Lost in Translation, American Beauty, Pulp Fiction.
Worst Movie(Explination?): This question is impossible. The ratio of good films to bad is something like 1:498593. So, I'll pass this one.
2 favorite Books: "Catcher in the Rye" - J.D. Salinger. "Human All Too Human" - Nietszche

Views on new music: It's going down hill.
Views on life: ...?
Views on Politics: Don't even get me started...
Views on Michael Jackson: I want to sleep in his bed.
Views on Metallica: First few albums are a landmark in music, everything else makes me want to drink lawn chemicals...
Views on college: Can't wait.
Views on sex: It's sexual.
Views on drugs: Only do what you can handle.
Views on parents: On my parents? up tight. On parents in general... a necessity.
----These questions on "views" are very vauge...

Favorite Food:
How many bites does it take to eat a reeses?: 798 meticulous ones.
If you were gay who would you do and why?: Cedric from At the Drive-In and MV. This question is not valid for me because I would fuck him even though I'm straight.
Paper or Plastic?: Carbon Fiber.

Gibson or Fender?: Fender
The Mars Volta or Sparta?or Both?: Both but if I had to pick only one... MV.
Something that we dont know about you: I'm so much cooler than you are.

Pictures are there:

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