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Are you hyped? Cause here's my App.


Okay, okay so it's kind of true that maybe im only joining this community, perhaps to show that not only "emo" or "scene" kids can like a good talented band, such as cursive. Because I, myself, do not happen to be either of the above, thank you.


Anyways here it is, like you asked:

Name: Betsy Slaughter
Location: Michigan
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight, even tho i have a thing for ROY-G-BIV
Favorite Bands(ten):


-The Beatles               - The Cure    

-The Doors                - I really do take a liking to Modest Mouse.

-Led Zeppelin            -John Lennon

-Incubus                     -Paul McCarntey & Wings

- Pink Floyd               - And last but not least: Cursive.

How did i find out about you: Well actually...I have recently been pondering thoughts of how angry some of my friends make me. By changing the way the look, talk, act and what music they listen to just to fit in with the new "in" thing to do. (sorry if that offends anyone, you have to respect my opinon though, im sure not many of you hear this very often i would imagine.) and i decided that "HEY! i've liked cursive way before half of these nit wits had even heard of them. So why cant i be in a community that praises a good band for their talent?"

That and i was just bored and Searching for communitys under Led Zeppelin, and you guys popped up. :)

Most Hated Band/Artist: Can i have ten of these too? I guess the number one would have to be Avril. That girl give canuks a bad name.

4 Favorite Movies: Big Fish, Amedeus, Somewhere In Time,  Billy Elliot, The Lion King.

Worst Movie(Explination?): Van Helsing. This movie needs no explination.

2 favorite Books: White Oleander. Sinners.

Views on new music: ....I make VERRRRRRRY few exceptions.
Views on life: If you dont want to get me started, just read my lj. Life is all about experiences and freedom. I believe in living my life, not just existing all the way through it.
Views on Politics:  Like many, i think Bush is a fucking greedy idiot. But thats just my strategery.
Views on Michael Jackson: I think hes a fucking musical genuis. But his face is melting and he molests kids. He's probably the 8th wonder of the world.
Views on Metallica: They fucking suck.
Views on college: I plan on going.
Views on sex: It fucks things up (and that was not intended as a pun)
Views on drugs:  well since i do them....... i will not tell a lie.
Views on parents: They fucking suck.

Favorite Food: Mashed Potatoes.
How many bites does it take to eat a reeses?: A couple pokes to make the middle come out then.....2.
If you were gay who would you do and why?: Your mother. She's damn fine.   (doesnt this question imply that on the question of sexuality, you would automatically say straight? hmmmm.....)
Paper or Plastic?: Bags? plates? Tampons?    I think i prefer plastic.

Gibson or Fender?: Gibson. Even though i play a fender, im just poor and guitar center sucks.
The Mars Volta or Sparta?or Both?: Sparta, i guess, since i havent seen Mars Volta. But ehhh im not liking them too much.
Something that we dont know about you: I love to take photos. Not pics or snapshots. Photos.

4 Clear pictures of yourself.

Urghhh i didnt say i liked to take pictures of MYSELF!

Okay so here's me humping a gorilla....

There you have my makeshift scanning of my senior pic. Sorry its blurry a bit (in reality it was just me taking a picture of my picture....when the flash was too bright so i covered it with a latex glove....) PS: dont ask my why i had a latex glove.


Brian and i. When i was a bit more tan.

My hair with some purdy flowers.

Unless you want me to resort to feet pictures (which i have by the way) ....I dont have anymore. But true to form i will post one more picture.

Woah! Is it me, or is that koala in the pavement staring at me? (my hair is in the picture so it counts!)


Well as much as i have just wasted your time i have enjoyed the dissolvement of it thouroughly.

Thank you.




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